Aprica 838 The Reason Behind Baby Smile

Understand the Reason Baby Smile, baby smile, parenting, aprica 838, baby guide

Psychologists have found that babies are the most happiest when they feel secure and safe in a trusted environment. A baby’s smile can bring wonders and eases the stress away. To ensure babies are safe, experts at Aprica are designing products that are developed with scientific approaches and medical science on babies and childcare engineering to provide comfort to the baby. 

Likewise, Graco is providing safety solutions that make childcare easier with products which are fully convenient and intuitive, catering to making a fun family life.

In light of this, Aprica has formed the 8.3.8 Principle to identify, protect and nurture the baby’s body and mind to create the best environment for babies with the development of comfortable baby products. Aprica has drawn out ‘8 Medical Structures to protect and nurture babies’ from the ‘8 Babies’ immaturity in body to be protected’ structure and ‘3 Baby’s emotional growth to be encouraged’ concept identified through researches on baby paediatrics and childcare engineering.

Understand the Reason Baby Smile, baby smile, parenting, aprica 838, baby guide

Given that comfort and safety are vital to form the foundation of childcare devices, the following are the standards that guide Aprica engineers to develop baby products essential to make babies happy.

Aprica’s 8.3.8 Principle:
‘The Reason Behind the Smile’ which forms the basis of Aprica’s products development
8 Babies’ Immaturity in Body to be Protected
3 Baby’s Emotional Growth to be Encouraged
8 Medical Structures to Protect and Nurture Baby’s Body and Mind
1. Heavy head and unstable neck
2. Unstable respiratory function
3. Straight backbone, high risk for hip dislocation
4. Undeveloped thermoregulation
5. Unstable sleep pattern
6. Weak skin barrier function
7. Undeveloped sensory function
8. Undeveloped immune system
1. “Relationship of trust” nurtured by physical contact.
2. “Curiosity” developed by stimulation of five senses.
3. “Communication ability” fostered by everyone’s smile.

1. Lay down a baby on a flat bed.
2. Put any restriction on a baby’s head and neck
3. Keep natural posture according to a baby’s growth.
4. Provide comfortable breathability and hydrothermal environment
5. Protect a baby from dust and harmful substances
6. Reduce shock and uncomfortable vibration
7. Ensure a baby’s natural sleep and life rhythm
8. Support communication with a baby

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