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What is in for Men At Work Season 2? I am not particularly like this series so much but on and off I do switch to this channel 720 just to check out and update what is going on in this series. Here some information about Men At Work Season 2 Synopsis, Episode Summary & Character Biography. Well, Men At Work centers around the misadventures of 4 friends who work together at a magazine. 

After Milo has been dumped by his girlfriend, his friends rally around him to offer their guidance. The group includes Neal (the sensitive one), Tyler (the witty one), and Gibbs (the womanizer). The well-intentioned guys take on mating, dating and relating to women, and they might not get it right but they usually have a good time. 

Episode Summary
Episode #1 – Missed Connections
Tyler insists on helping Milo find the girl of his dreams on Craigslist. Meanwhile, a road trip to the Hamptons places Gibbs in the middle of Neal’s dysfunctional family drama.

Episode #2 – Will Work For Milo
Milo’s attempt at generosity lands him in a battle with a crazy subway station panhandler. Meanwhile, as Neal asserts himself in his relationship with Amy, Tyler looks to take advantage of a case of mistaken identity in order to land a date.

Episode #3 – The New Boss
A new editor is picked up at Full Steam Magazine, and the boys all do their best to impress. Gibbs' game gets shaky, Neal experiences a colossal confidence boost and Milo tries to get noticed. Meanwhile, Tyler tries to change up his dating style, and it doesn't go quite as well as he'd like to think. When his friends agree that Milo’s (Danny Masterson) new romance with Molly is moving too fast, they coach him on how to “downshift” the relationship. Gibbs’ (James Lesure) single life is threatened when he agrees to babysit a dog, while Neal (Adam Busch) is assigned to help Tyler (Michael Cassidy) with the magazine’s annual “Best Burger in the City” article.

Episode #5 – The Good, The Bad & The Milo 
Milo decides it is time to break it off with Molly, but he doesn't want to leave on bad terms. Tyler and Gibbs don't see eye to eye with the owner of their favorite restaurant. And Neal is asked to fire an employee, but he doesn't have the guts to do it.

Episode #6 – Tyler The Pioneer
As Tyler dates a woman with kids, things get crazy when he finds out that her exhusband is still in the picture. Milo, Gibbs and Neal compete for a fired co-worker’s Gibbs’ (James Lesure) effort to convince his nephew to attend medical school in New York City inadvertently persuades him to abandon school altogether. Milo (Danny Masterson) believes that his thrift store vest is a lucky charm.

Episode #8 – The Gibbs-orcism
The discovery that his new girlfriend has a past with Milo and Gibbs gives Tyler some disturbing – and mood-killing – visions. Neal and Amy struggle with a wedding anniversary curse.

Episode #9 – Long Distance Tyler
Milo and Gibbs have a date-off with a beautiful woman (guest star Jessica Szohr). Tyler and Rachel try to stick together through the hassles of a long-distance relationship. Neal and Amy suffer the consequences of allowing Tyler to use their apartment as a rendezvous location.

Episode #10 – Weekend At PJ’s
Tyler and Milo get into a roommate fight after Tyler oversteps his bounds. Amy's father does his best to replace Neal with a more accomplished man. Gibbs searches for a woman who caught his eye at a wedding. And a little bit of moonshine leads to another marriage, much to everyone's surprise.

Character Biography
Danny Masterson as Milo Foster
Milo is an attractive, funny writer with a bit of a Peter Pan complex. He's still trying to get back into the game after dealing with being dumped early in Season One, but he's got his friends to help him out.

Michael Cassidy as Tyler Mitchell
Tyler is a charming “pretty boy” who brings a dose of style and sophistication to the group. He writes celebrity puff pieces for “Full Steam Magazine”. Tyler always wanted to be a writer but scoring the interview with the latest movie vampire/warlock heartthrob definitely wasn't the reason.

Adam Busch as Neal
Neal is a sweet, somewhat nerdy accountant at “Full Steam Magazine.” He also happens to be the only guy in the group who has a committed relationship. Reserved and a little naive, Neal is the kind of guy who has to ask his friends for advice when his girlfriend, Amy, requests a little naughty talk in bed.

James Lesure as Gibbs
Gibbs is a good-looking ladies man who never met a pretty woman he didn't try to seduce. And his track record in that area is pretty impressive, to say the least. He's a photographer for Full Steam Magazine. Working with his pals is a perk ... and the revolving door of models doesn't hurt either.

Men At Work Season 2
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