Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Hair Repair & Gloss Treatment

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Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Repair Bi-Phase Treatment Spray

This is a quick update about the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Repair Bi-Phase Treatment Spray. This products has been in the market for quite sometime and I have finished this bottle of mine sometime ago. Just that I wish to share some haircare products that I use before. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Repair & Gloss Treatment is a light and easy leave on spray. 

This haircare product said to contains liquid hair technology with liquid keratin to fill the gaps in the hair cuticle repairing the hair from the inside to the surface using identical particles. The mask treatment provides intensive repair. 

After I sprayed on my hair ends, it does not feels oily or damp. Well, this Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Repair & Gloss Treatment helps to make my hair looks shiny, smooth and manageable. However, as for the hair repair part it does not help much. My hair still dry and damaged, plus frizzy at the hair ends. Perhaps its from the bad perming, coloring and rebonding that I did previously. So now I am still suffering from the consequences hmmm... need more intensive hair treatment 

Content: 100ml

Price: RM29.90

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