Nike+ Running App Update - Photo Sharing & Auto Pause

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Asking myself how is my running performance so far? Well, I am running on my own pace and enjoying my journey. Not competing with anyone and not bragging about it too hehehe. Yes! exercise is important but as for me I prefer to do it regularly and not over stretch myself. I believe most of you might have Nike+ Running App install on your smart phone. Well, sharing runs is easier and more fun with the latest Nike+ Running App update. You can now find more fun and personalized experience with the debut of two new features: Photo Sharing and Auto-Pause.

The latest update to the popular running app allows users to be able to share photos from before, during and after their run instantly with their friends through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Path. There are three easy ways to share:

• Pre-Run: Before heading out, runners can post a picture of their gear, starting spot, friends – whatever’s on their mind. Posts on Facebook that receive ‘likes’ initiate real-time audio cheers to encourage the runner.

• During the Run: The new Auto-Pause makes it easy for users to pause their workout, snap a picture to share later, and then resume their run.

• Post-Run: After a run is a great time for runners to share their accomplishment by posting a custom collage made of photos taken before, during or after their run. Users can personalize their post even more by adding stickers touting their stats including NikeFuel, distance, pace, route map and Nike+ achievements.

Another new feature, Auto-Pause, integrates with Photo Sharing for a seamless experience. Auto-Pause uses the GPS technology to detect when the runner has stopped and automatically pauses the workout. When the runner starts up again, Auto-Pause can and resumes tracking stats. When the app pauses, the camera icon pops up to enable picture taking.

For runners in an urban environment or on any route with frequent traffic lights or breaks, Auto-Pause helps eliminate the possibility of distorted time or pace stats byonly counting the time actually spent running. Auto-Pause can be turned off or on in the Settings section of the App.

Since its launch in 2006, Nike+ Running has provided runners the chance to track, measure, share and compare their runs with a global community of athletes. Today the Nike+ Running community has logged over 1 billion miles worldwide.

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