The Search for Ultimate Song is On

It was once said that music is life's only true magic that needs to be treated with all the respect that it deserves. Composing a piece of music is sensitive, emotional and contemplative, thus 8TV and one FM go in search for that composer who has true knowledge of sound. The Ultimate Song is the new reality show that is set to take the nation by storm.


The Ultimate Song is a platform for the talented new composers to showcase their original pieces of music, stand a chance to publish their compositions as well as walking away with attractive prizes.

The Ultimate Song is open to all Malaysians who can speak the Chinese language and are between the ages of 15 to 40. All music pieces, melodies and lyrics submitted for the competition must be genuine and should not have been published / released on any form of commercial platforms.  Submission of only melody, song with lyrics or completed track with music and lyrics are acceptable. 

Amateurs are classified as those who have published or released lyrics or melody of not more than 3 pieces within the last 5 years, in the duration of October 2007 to September 2012. Individuals with or without contract engagement to any parties are eligible to participate, however one should comply with other terms and conditions prescribed by the competition organizer.

This groundbreaking competition will test talented composers who will compete against one another to win recognition, stardom and great prizes. With a battle arena format that seeks to take the competition on a tough ride, The Ultimate Song is only for those who dare – do you?

To add to the excitement of it all, four Songwriting Workshops will be held across the country beginning on the 21st of October 2012 at the north side of the Peninsular, Penang. During these sessions, speakers will be sharing on topics about lyrics, composing, music arrangement as well as market trends. The string of workshops will feature Malaysia’s top songwriters, song producers and artistes. The first 10 early birds to register will have an exclusive one-on-one consultation session with the speakers.

Participants can submit their work in CD or Cassette format on location, where each entry with complete personal details is accepted during the workshops, by sending it via mail to the 8TV office or via online. Online submissions of video or audio must at least be of from minimum 5 megapixel camera/video camera. Recruitment starts from 22 October 2012, while the 2nd auditions will be held in February.

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