Givenchy Dahlia Noir Fragrance Launch at Suria KLCC Centre Court

Ok, before we start talking about Givenchy Fragrance, Dahlia Noir, by the way have you ever pondered how to pronounce the brand name Givenchy correctly? Don’t worry if you say it the wrongly before, coz I did the same too *embarrassed*… Givenchy it is not pronounce as gi-ven-chi, the correct pronunciation is jhee – vonh – shee. You gotta to say it with a little flair like French, ok hehehe…

Dahlia Noir ~ An Imaginary Flower
A flower plucked from a dream, an irresistibly tempting flower

Dahlia is a scentless flower, giving free rein to the imagination and creation. Dahlia Noir by Givenchy is thus a mysterious dream, a fantasized and seductive flower. Like the blossom that it embodies, the Dahlia Noir fragrance is both feminine and sensual thanks to its floral and fruity aspect, but also captivating thanks to its woody aspect.

Givenchy, one of the leading purveyors of contemporary luxury launched its new feminine fragrance, Dahlia Noir at Centre Court of Suria KLCC recently. 

The event was celebrated with approximately 200 guests from the media, partners, socialites and local celebrities, Carrie Lee, Former Miss Chinese Cosmos, Rachel Tan, Former Miss Astro, Chermaine Poo, well-known local actress and TV host, Megan Tan, 8tv Quickie TV host, Atilia, local Jazz singer and many more.

at the Registration Counter

After registration, there were Givenchy makeover stations for those who want to touch up their makeup at before taking the Givenchy “Covergirl” photoshoot in Givenchy Dahlia Noir semi-pentagon dome.

at Givenchy Makeover Stations

Givenchy Makeup Collections

spotted Givenchy Noir Couture Makeup Collections

spotted Givenchy Vax'in For Youth Skincare

 Givenchy “Covergirl” photoshoot station

The magical evening started off with a short video introduction on Givenchy’s Brand DNA to explain what Givenchy Couture, Parfum and Beauty is all about.

 Particia Knudsen, Emcee

A welcome speech by emcee of the night, Particia Knudsen, set off a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests yet heightening their excitement and anticipation for the rest of the evening.

 Ms. Grace Ma, Product Manager Asia Pacific of LVMH Fragrance Brands 

Ms. Grace Ma interviewed by ntv7 crew

Ms. Grace Ma

Ms. Grace Ma, Product Manager Asia Pacific of LVMH Fragrance Brands, introducing the concept and inspiration of the born of Dahlia Noir fragrance. 

She unveiled the official Dahlia Noir TV Commercial and the making of the TV Commercial, directed by Fabien Baron, Italian super model, Mariacarla Boscono, who is also the face of Givenchy Dahlia Noir, appears as a dreamy, fantasy goddess. She dances, enticing and sensual in both gentle and intense way, like the flower that she embodies.

Tess Phang, Dancer 

After that there was a dazzling performance by a local dancer, Tess Phang, to re-interpret the elements of the TV commercial which complemented the theme of the evening perfectly.

Fragrance Discovery

Evidently to the highlight of the evening was the much anticipated fragrance discovery, guests were presented with a ribbon which consists the scent of Dahlia Noir EDP and pink ribbon for Dahlia Noir EDT. 

 Q & A Session 

Celebrities Group Picture

Givenchy Dahlia Noir is a creation by Fran├žois Demachy, the official perfumer of LVMH, developed in collaboration with Riccardo Tisci. The EDP is a floral powdery chypre whereas the EDT is a radiant fruity floral. It is the first couture fragrance directed by Ricardo Tisci, the talented creator of the couture house, Dahlia Noir is the quintessence of the Givenchy style. Its fragrance is a new classic. Its woman is a new icon. Dahlia Noir is meant to become a new legend.


Dahlia Noir Eau de Parfum (A floral powdery chypre)
The powdery softness of a bouquet of roses, iris and mimosa.
The bewitching potency of patchouli and tonka bean

Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette (A radiant fruity floral)
A burst of citrus softened by a transparent peach.
The elegance of an unforgettable sensual rose.

Mariacarla Boscono, Model 

Magnificent and mysterious, the Dahlia Noir woman appears as a dream or fantasy. She is a modern goddess. She dances, enticing and sensual. Both gentle and intense, like the flower that she embodies. A femme fatale. Her gaze is fascinating. Her every movement casts a spell. Mysterious and magnetic, she is a new icon.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir is available at most of the leading departmental stores such as Isetan, Jusco, Parkson, Robinsons, Sephora and Sogo KL.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir price list:
EDP 30ml     RM 234
EDP 50ml     RM 333
EDP 75ml     RM 396
EDT 30ml     RM 190
EDT 50ml     RM 267
EDT 75ml     RM 324


  1. Haha luckily you teach how to pronounce, I also pronounce it as gi-ven-chy previously!

    1. Hi Charmaine,

      Hahaha...Now you know to say Givenchy correctly :P

      Miss Sunshine

  2. Dahlia is my favorite flower, I love all Givenchy cologne. I think this perfume will favorite also.


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