My Neubodi Signature Sienna Fancy

Every woman deserves the right bra! Don’t you think so? When it comes to comfort and support wearing the correct bra size and cup are as important as choosing the right bra style. So how do we know that we are wearing the right bra… Last month I had my bra fitting session by Neubodi at one of their boutique in Paradigm Mall.

 Neubodi boutique at Paradigm Mall

Neubodi bras' point of difference lies in its design of the form, function and cup shapes. They are made to embrace and support the breasts completely on the inside of the cup; the structured underpinning not only provide reassuring support, but enhance confidence with a transformed silhouette.

Neubodi Sienna fancy its signature brassiere (bra). The exquisite piece is developed from vintage-inspired Marie Antoinette flair decorated with rich luxurious French embroidery lace, sprinkled against a mocha-red redefined elegant surface.

Tailored with excellent craftsmanship; the significant feature of Sienna fancy blends its three dimensional (3D) sculpting cups to secure runaway fatty tissues into the corset-fit cup for fuller enhanced breasts with firm high-side panels preventing outspread, providing a good busty lift.

Reviews: Neubodi Sienna Collection comes in three style which is Allure in golden beige, Fancy in soft mocha red and Zelo in passion red. At first I was hesitating to choose between Allure and Fancy at last I decided on Fancy because I like the vintage French lace and also the soft mocha red colored. This design suits me more.

This is how the Neubodi consultant measured my bra size. It look simple but they has been trained my expert on how to measure for customers by just placing their fingers under bust line.

Sienna collection is tailored to blends its three dimensional (3D) sculpting cups to secure runaway fatty tissues into the corset-fit cup for fuller enhanced breasts with firm high-side panels preventing outspread, providing a good busty lift.

Key features and designs of the Sienna Collection:-
- Built in contour panels to push and lock back fatty tissues into the cup

- Corset-fit-cups blended in three dimensional sculpting for fuller enhanced breasts

- Firm high-side panels to prevent outspread, providing a good busty lift

- Wide back panel with 5 hooks for straighter body posture, cultivating a more polish silhouette

Adjust the straps allow 1 finger to go through

The correct way to wear a bra:-
First slip your arms through the shoulder straps.
Lean body forward slightly so that breast falls nicely into the cup.
Fasten the hooks behind.
Slip hand from underneath the armpit and back to push the excess flesh / fatty tissue into the bra cup.
Stand straight and adjust the straps allow 1 finger to go through, this is the correct length.

It takes sometime to get familiar with the way to hook this bra especially the first three days. After that I began to get use to it and now it became norm. The high side panel initially it feels a little discomfort its suppose to give better support and also help to push in the fatty tissues to the front cup.  

 Neubodi Signature Sienna fancy

After more than two weeks wearing the Neubodi Signature Sienna fancy, I feel that my posture improved. I began to sit straight not sloughing when I wear this bra. Perhaps it is the wide back panel that pushes my back and improves my posture. With the support and right cup size it helps in firming and lifting. The bra fits into my body perfectly. I feel comfortable and feminine in this breathable lace material.  

 Smoother silhouette and no more bulges at the back

The fatty tissues at the side of my armpits and my back now move slightly towards the front cup. This gives fuller breasts, enhance cleavage and smoother silhouette, no more bulges. It gives an elegance and polish look when wearing tight fitting dress or top. Enhance women’s confidence from within. Long term wearing can enhance the bust size, shape and also posture further.

This is how to take care and wash a bra. Wash by hand wash. Use detergent for lingerie. When drying the bra, hand it upside down.

 Neubodi Delicate Laundry Wash

This is Neubodi Delicate Laundry Wash, specially developed using vegetable based ingredients that effectively clean tough dirt and stains. It is suitable for people with allergies, asthma and various chemical sensitivities. It is free of petroteners, fragrances, phosphates, animal products, dyes and other common chemicals that trigger unwanted side effects. It contains no harmful chemicals such as LABS, SLS, SLES, Bleaching Agents, Phosphates and Silicate.

 Thanks Neubodi 

Besides, Neubodi also won a few awards such as Asia Pacific TOP Golden Brand Product and Asia TOP Excellence Health Product.

Customer Creline: 00-6012-7238128 / 00-603-6150 1288

Neubodi boutiques at:-
Sunway Giza Mall
One Utama Shopping Centre
Tropicana City Mall
Empire Shopping Gallery
Hartamas Shopping Center
Wangsa Walk Mall
AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang
Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
Bangsar Village II
Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya

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