Kanebo Lunasol 2012 Autum Makeup Collection & Makeover by Inokubo Satoru San

My makeover by Inokubo Satoru San using the latest 
Kanebo Lunasol 2012 Autum Makeup Collection.

Inokubo San was so spontaneous, he decided to retouch my hair give it a new look to match the makeover. My hair looked more volume, neat and glam. I feel as though I am getting ready for party with hairdo and makeup. 

Before the makeover start, my skin was prepped using Kanebo Impress skincare range.

The highlight of this makeover is Kanebo Lunasol Crystal Radiant Purification  2012 Autumn Winter Makeup Collection. It makes the skin and woman’s presence glow beautifully.

I like the Kanebo Lunasol makeover by Inokubo san,  it enhances my eyes and give a fresh and glamour look at the same time the makeup it not too heavy.  Plus ,that, the makeup is quite lasting. 


These are the Kanebo Lunasol 2012 Autum Winter Makeup Collection that were used during the makeover :-

Modeling Glossy Eyes    RM 185   #01 Icy Glow
4  types available. This is a four-color eye shadow set that includes the exceedingly pure luster of crystals and translucent autumn colors. The newly-formulated Glossy Base contains a bounty of beauty essence ingredients that provide moisture to the eyelids while adding a dewy, smooth luster. This eye shadow creates three-dimensionality and a clear depth on the eyes as the colors are layered on. 

Sheer Glossy Eyes    RM90   #EX01 Nuance Gray
4 limited colors available. A single-color eye shadow that bestows eyelids with clear colors and an extremely translucent and lustrous look. Moist gel powder lightly spreads on the skin, meltingly blending and adhering to the skin. Contains beauty essence ingredients that provide moisture to the eyelids while creating eyes filled with an exceedingly pure luster. 

Coloring Cheeks (Glow)  2 Types   RM 90   #01 Glow Pink
2 types available. Sold separately (existing product): Lunasol Compact Case (Face) & Lunasol Face Brush. A new cheek color that creates a radiant, vibrant and healthy-looking complexion by blending three colors. Adds natural radiance and clarity to the skin with a clear coloration. Enjoy a radiant nuance, as if the skin has been polished. 


Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner N   RM 45   #01 Brownish Black
3 colors available. A liquid eyeliner that draws professional-looking eye lines with a delicate touch. The long-lasting effect has been enhanced with the same smooth touch that is unique to a brush-pen-type eye liner. It blends with the skin and defines the eyes naturally.

Full Glamour Lips   RM 111   #01 Glow Pink
8 colors available. A new lipstick that comfortably adheres to the lips with a meltingly smooth texture and brings out the beauty of the skin with a fresh color and luster.
Creates appealing lips while maintaining moisture.

Full Glamour Liquid Lips   2 Colors   RM 104   #21 Milky Pink
2 new colors. New colors from the popular LIQUID LIPS series that combines the coloration of lipstick with the luster of lip gloss. Two colors inspired by crystal’s exceedingly pure luster make the skin glow beautifully. Bestows luster and clarity to the lips to create a plump, three-dimensional and moist-textured look.


  1. So good n pretty hehe..

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    1. Hi Sherry,

      Thanks. I love it too.

      Miss Sunshine

  2. you look so pretty here! :)
    I think it is a great makeover :)

    1. Hi Aby,


      Miss Sunshine


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