Child Safety Campaign: Safety Rangers on a Quest by Leo Cubs Sunway Pyramid

Is your child safe in shopping mall? Do you constantly keep an eye on your child 
when you are so busy shopping? Is there any precaution taken when riding 
on the escalators with your child? What if...

One of Leo Cubs mission is to create child safety awareness among parents and customers. The Safety Rangers consisted of the Leo Cubs members, age 7 to 12 years old. Despite their tiny sizes, children can play a huge part in helping to spread the message about safety, and one way they could do this is by taking on a ‘safety mission’.

A free Child Safe Shopping wristband can be collected from any of Sunway Pyramid’s Concierge Counters on Ground Floor and Lower Ground One. Parents can write their contact numbers on the back and the child can wear the wristband, just in case they are separated during their shopping in the mall.

The Beeper (Child Distance Monitor) is used to ensure that the children do not wander too far off from their parents. A ‘sender’ will be attached to the child, and the parents or guardians will get the ‘receiver’. If the child strays within a certain distance, the ‘receiver’ will produce beeping sounds and vibrate to alert the ‘receiver’. The Child Distance Monitor can be obtained at any of the Concierge Counters located on Ground Floor and Lower Ground One.

The Safety Rangers Workshop sessions targeted at creating more safety awareness among parents and shoppers. The briefing covered escalator safety, spotting uniformed personnel in the mall, steps to take when they and their parents are separated in the mall, and they also learnt about the Child Distance Monitors and Wristbands, available in the mall. 

The Safety Rangers then took a simple “Safety Quiz” to recap what they have learnt, and followed by the pledge of the “Safety Oath”. Excitedly, they then moved on to their patrolling duties with Leo and Leona in groups, showed parents the right ways to use the escalators, directed them to the nearest lifts and distributed the Child Safe Shopping info tips.      

Sunway Pyramid has also issued some reminders, which inform parents on what to do if their child is lost. These include staying close to the last location, in case the child comes back to the same spot or contact Sunway Pyramid’s Emergency Phone Number at 03- 749 43101. Customer Care personnel and Auxiliary Police will provide assistance.

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