Fudge Dare To be Different: An Interview with Glen Dean, Fudge Co-Founder

Fudge has always been about individual self expression, creativity, innovation and invention. Do things differently, experiment, create...defy all that is ordinary.


I had a blogger interview session with Mr. Glen Dean from Sydney one of the co-founder of Fudge. It’s a small group, there are 5 of us (bloggers), Glen is very friendly and spontaneous during the whole interview session. He shared with us about how he started, touch a little about his family, his history, Fudge products and its future.  

Fudge Anti Ordinary is originated from Australia. Glen has very strong interest in hair styling at very young age. He started to work in hair salon at age of 16. How he started Fudge, Glen and two other friends got together to consult famous cosmetic chemist Ray Townsend to come out with a new product for hair styling that stick like gum. Ray formulated something that smells like English lolly, fudge. And they name it Fudge. That product is Hair Shaper.

In the 90s, no one ever catered products for gay market. Fudge we were in the Mardi Gras and went into the gay market because they were immaculate in their dressing and hair care in that period. Fudge became popular. One of the famous singer, Pink is using Fudge Paintbox for her hair color. So Fudge became more popular.

The brand caters to unisex and all types of hair be they thick, Asian or European. The products, for both styling and colouring needs, are mostly unisex although there are a few that cater specially to women.

Glen also explain that Fudge has a numbering system to simplify the holding strength of the product, ranging from 0 to 15 (the higher the number, the stronger the hold). The Product Guide leaflet also make it easier for consumer to identify what type of product that suits their hair style, texture and etc. Glen did some products demo.  

We also have the opportunity to try out the products and get Glen’s hait tips about what type of hair care products that most suitable for us. As for me, he advised I should use Fudge Pump Up to get volume and curls for my hair. We also take a tour at Shins outlet in Subang Parade. 

Fudge Products

Fudge Gift Set

Fudge Gift Set

with Mr. Glen Dean

Mr. Teh, Shins Managing Director and Mr. Glen Dean, Fudge Co-Founder

Fudge Product Guide Booklet 

Fudge Gift Set: Festive Obsession Travel Pack

Fudge Gift Set: Festive Obsession Travel Pack RM99.00
Consist of:-
1. Fudge Dry Shampoo 60ml
2. Fudge Ends 50ml
3. Fudge Salt Spray 25ml 

Fudge Dry Shampoo
Fudge Dry Shampoo gives an instant dry clean between washes, whether you're late for work, glama-vanning at a festival, or going from beach to bar, the new Fudge Dry Shampoo is a must-have this summer. Shake and spritz, leave 2 minutes and brush through - voila ready to style hair in an instant. With rice starch to absorb oil, apricot kernel oil smoothes and with its unique transparent dust technology, it's perfect for every hair colour too. 

Fudge Ends
Get ready for a miracle treatment like no other! Fudge Ends is jam packed with a combination of powered proteins to repair and seal dry ends preventing hair breakage. The result is super smooth silky hair that you won’t want to live without. Ideal for use after straightening with heat irons Fudge Ends, a miracle smoothing treatment, leaves nothing but super silky results. Apply a small amount through mid-lengths and ends before or after blow drying.Apply after flat ironing and brush through for the softest, smoothest result. 

Fudge Salt Spray
Fudge Salt Spray is perfect for those looking for that 'just out of bed' look. The salt is medium hold and will supply your hair with extra body and texture. It's also extremely durable in fighting off UV damage and provides added strength and conditioning with pro-vitamin B. Use on damp hair and spray into the roots. Massage through the hair lengths and allow hair to dry naturally

Fudge is sold at retail stores and professional salons worldwide, and currently, it’s available in 57 countries. Fudge hair care product is available at SHINS

SHINS is Malaysia's leading beauty chain store offering over 100 Beauty Award Winning products. Such as haircare, skincare, cosmetics, perfume, bodycare, slimming products, nailcare, beauty tools & accessories. Today, SHINS operate from 31 stores strategically located in leading Shopping Malls in Malaysia and Singapore. You can check out SHINS’s outlet locations http://www.shins.my/location.asp

For more information and updates please login to: -

SHINS Website http://www.shins.my/

Fudge Website http://www.fudge.com/


  1. OMG I know this brand! I was reading halfway before I realized it. I used it to color my hair the first time I was in NZ. It had a very different packaging then though - simple. :)

    1. Hi Huai Bin,

      I have not try their hair color yet. The haircare products are good.

      Miss Sunshine


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