Turkish Culinary and Cultural Week 2011

Turkish Culinary and Cultural Week 28 Oct to 4 Nov 2011

Throughout the Turkish Culinary and Cultural Week, everyday between 18.30 and 21.00, fine samples from Turkish cuisine, prepared by Turkish Chefs, will be served at Warisan Café. A Turkish Band will play Turkish classical music at the Lanai Lounge. There will be performances of Mevlevi ritual dance (sema), folk dance and rhythm show.

Turkey Tourism and Information Office in Malaysia hosting the Turkish Culinary and Cultural Week in conjunction with the 88th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. Turkish Culinary and Cultural Week which is being held from the 28 Oct to the 4 Nov 2011 at the Royale Chulan Hotel will comprise of numerous exciting and interesting highlights. Official Hotel and Event Partner, the Royale Chulan Hotel of Kuala Lumpur, and event co-sponsors Etihad Airways and Ravika Olive Oil.

Turkish culture has influenced and has been influenced in return by cultures and civilizations from China to Vienna and from Russian steppes to North Africa for over four millennia. Turkish culture reflects this distinct culture richness and diversity, and remains mostly shaped by its deep roots in Anatolia, Middle East and Balkans; a region which is the cradle of many civilizations.

Turkish Delight 

At the press conference with Mr. Ali Gulen, Turkish Embassy Tourism & Information Centre, Representative from Hotel Royal Chulan, KL and Mr. Mustapha Kamal, Sales Manger, Etihad Airways. 

According to Mr Ali Gulen, the cultural and Tourism Attache of the Tourism and Information Office of the Embassy of the Republic Turkey in Malaysia, We have flow in an entourage of 23 people comprising chefs, dancers, musicians, and Turkish craftsmen including calligraphists, and well-known EBRU or paper marbling expert Mustafa Erkan who will be conducting demonstrations on this intricate and ancient art.

Turkish Dance

Blue Eye - Turkish Traditional Souvenir  

Turkish Traditional Calligraphy 

Turkish Traditional Art Ebru

Turkish Dessert & Delights 

With one of the Turkish Chef 

With the group of pretty Turkish Dancers

With Mrs. Gulen

Turkish Tradisional Ladies Costume ~ Colors are so Vibrant 

Turkish Coffee ~ Best
I like it

Turkish cuisine is an entire experience in itself and Turkey Embassy is proud to be able to bring this event that will allow Malaysians to experience first-hand the gastronomic marvels of Turkey

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