Meet Ultraman Mebius ‘Live’ at Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL

Let’s talk about ULTRAMAN! U like? 

From 16th to 30th Nov, don't miss your chance to witness the appearance and photo session with Ultraman Mebius all the way from Japan.   

Date: 16th – 30th Nov 2011
Time: 10am – 10pm
Venue: Level 6, Tokyo Street Event Hall (Tokyo Street Entrance)

Ultraman merchandises will be sold, promotions and activities going on at Tokyo Street Event Hall.

Meet & Greet Session with Ultraman Mebius:
Time: 1:30 & 8pm
Date: 5, 6, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26 and 27 Nov

Photo session with Ultraman Mebius:
its easy to join, all you need to do is just either
-Purchase RM80 and above in a single receipt in any of the shop at Tokyo Street
-Purchase RM50 and above in a single receipt at Tokyo Street Event Hall or any Speedy Video stores
- Purchase RM10 Ticket

Coloring contest:
If you love to draw or want to show off your artistic talent, you can participate the Ultraman coloring contest as well which are held on 19 & 26 November 2011, starts at 4pm. Just walk in to participate.

During this Ultraman Mebius event in Tokyo Street, there are special promotions. You can purchase Limited Edition Ultraman Mebius Collector’s DVD set. Only 500 Set Available so be hurry check it out…

15th – 20th Nov at RM 59.00 per set
21st – 27th Nov at RM 79.00 per set
(original prise is RM 99.00 per set)

Ultraman Mebius Collector’s DVD set consist of:-
i)   Ultraman Mebius – Armored Darkness – Stage 1
ii)  Ultraman Mebius – Armored Darkness -  Stage 2
iii) Ultraman Mebius Side Story (hikari Saga 1,2,3)
iv) Ultraman mebius Side Story Ghost Rebirth- Stage 1
v)  Ultraman Mebius Side Story Ghost Rebirth – Stage 2

Beside this you can also get  
1 x Photo Session Voucher with Ultraman Mebius
1 x Ultraman Mebius Real Version 17’ x 24’ A2 Size Poster
1 x Ultraman Mebius Huger paper Bag


Ultraman, the legendary superhero from Japan. Ultraman Mebius also know as Hibino Mirai on earth becomes a member of Crew Guys. He will change into his actual form of Ultraman Mebius by placing his right hand over the sphere shaped “Crystal Circle” and spin it on the Mebius Brace on his left arm. Ultraman Mebius can only be in original form for 3 minutes on earth.

Ultraman Hikari is Ultraman Mebius’ best friend; his precious ally saves Mebius whenever he is danger. Ultraman Mebius can be in several Different Forms, find out more about Ultaman Mebius in Ultramans DVDs and VCDs.

Speedy Video Distributors Sdn Bhd general manager Raymond Chin

Next year around March, Speedy Video Distributors is proud to present you the First Ever Ultraman Show in Malaysia from Japan. All Ultraman fans and other will experience the best of Ultraman Live show. Ticketing details will be released at later date.

Ultraman Merchandises from Action City, Pavilion 

Action City, Pavilion KL and Speedy Video Distributors Sdn Bhd bring you the Ultraman live in Tokyo Street Pavilion KL. Come and meet Ultraman Mebius from now to 30th Nov 2011 in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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