Bell & Ross’s Roaring Twenties with The Rebirth of a Classic

Bell & Ross did it again! Roaring Twenties with The Rebirth of a Classic: The Prequel.  Aptly held the evening following the the launch of the first Malaysian Bell & Ross boutique and the release of their Wristwatch WW1 and Pocket Watch PW1 collection, guests of the one-night-only gala revelled in the sensational era of the 1920s. Yes! The Prequel made for a spectacular razzle dazzle evening!

Mr Carlos Rosillo, the President & CEO of Bell & Ross, demonstrates both Pocket Watch PW1 and Wristwatch WW1 in front of the first Malaysian Bell & Ross boutique which was recently opened in Pavilion KL 

Bell & Ross officially opens its first boutique at Pavilion KL
(Fm left to right) Ms Kung Suan Ai; Ms Cindy Lee, Asst. General Manager – Timepiece of FJ Benjamin Malaysia; Ms Angie Chong, CEO of F J Benjamin Malaysia; Mr Nash Benjamin, Group CEO of F J Benjamin; Ms Joyce Yap, Mr Tay Liam Khoon together with models who were dressed in 1920s outfits

Dear Dairy: The evening of Nov the 1st 2011 saw friends, celebrities, vips, media people and exclusively invited guests by Bell & Ross – including swing dancers - dolled up in their best glad rags where the razzle and dazzle of the Roaring Twenties were reawakened in the style of famed literary fantasies The Great Gatsby and Chicago.

(Fm left to right) Mr Fabien de Nonancourt, Regional Sales Director of Bell & Ross; Mr Tong Chee Wei, General Manager – Timepieces of F J Benjamin Malaysia; Mr Carlos Rosillo, President & CEO of Bell & Ross; Ms Angie Chong, CEO of F J Benjamin Malaysia; Mr Sam Benjamin, Group Director of FJ Benjamin; Ms Cindy Lee, Assistant General Manager – Timepiece for FJ Benjamin Malaysia

(Fm left to right) Ms Malaysia World, Ms Deborah Henry; Mr Carlos Rosillo, President & CEO of Bell & Ross; Mr Fabien de Nonancourt, Regional Sales Director of Bell & Ross and TV Host, Ms Stephanie Chai

Models dressed in Military outfits

TV Host, Hansen Lee admires Bell & Ross latest Pocket Watch PW1 and Wristwatch WW1 collection

Models dressed in 1920s outfits

Group Photo

with the Models dressed in 1920s outfits

This one-night-only gala was held inside a Secluded Black Tent in Pavilion KL (it is not at the main concourse of Pavilion KL) guess where? It is kind of hidden from public unless you explore. Inside the tent there were Two Stages, we were attended to with delectable Hors d'oeuvres from Alexis and a free flow of bubbly all evening. 
The party was even graced by the presence of the “Ross” of Bell & Ross himself, Carlos Rosillo and the Group CEO of FJ Benjamin, Nash Benjamin, who were joined by the likes of Deborah Henry, Amber Chia, power couple Sazzy Falak and Nazril Idrus, Stephanie Chai, Hansen Lee, Melvin Sia, Deborah Goh and more.

On the Black Stage, an international big band assembled exclusively for the party played while actress/singer Deanna Yusoff and American jazz singer Cynthia Utterbach enthralled the crowd with their voices. 

On the Red Stage, TV personality Jojo Struys tickled the audience with some tap dancing, before Parisian dancer Julie Richer took over with her international troupe for a wicked burlesque performance. Ending the night by launching the dancefloor was a special DJ set by New York musician, composer and sound designer Ion Furjanic.

Guest outside the Secluded Black Tent

The party was graced by the presence of the “Ross” of Bell & Ross himself, Mr Carlos Rosillo (President & CEO of Bell & Ross). 

Parisian dancer Julie Richer and her international troupe performed a wicked burlesque dance during the party

Actress/singer Deanna Yusoff posed with TV personality Gillian Hung after enthralled the crowd with her voice

(Fm left to right) Supermodel Ms Amber Chia, Newscaster Mr Adrian Seet, Ms Malaysia World Thanuja Ananthan and the power couple Mr Nazril Idrus & Ms Sazzy Falak 

Some guests enjoying dancing outside the Tent

(Fm left to right) Award winning actor Mr Melvin Sia and award winning actress Ms Deborah Goh 

This two friendly and lovely ladies 

Actually, that day was a full back to back day from morning till night for me, its like amazing race, everything happened to be on the same day… Oh great! Initially I was thinking to skip this event (I would regret if I did), but since I have done my rsvp so I decided to go, check it out and say ‘hi’ as I was already in Pavilion. Well as you can see I am not dressed or dolled up for this gala, just be spontaneous. 

The moment I stepped into the secluded black tent, I said to myself “am I dreaming or?” All the performances, setup, guests, music, mood and feel reminiscence of 1920s. The whole night turned out to be surprisingly amazing experience for me. I am glad to meet new friends who are friendly and dressed up to the theme… Salute to the organizing team, everything were perfectly setup for Bell & Ross Roaring Twenties with The Rebirth of a Classic. 

Bell & Ross watch displays showcasing the evolution of the Bell & Ross military watch during the key military period at the event hall

Bell & Ross honours the history of timepieces by presenting the Pocket Watch PW1 the Wristwatch WW1, both of which reimagines the evolution between pocket watches in the 1920s and the first series of wristwatches in the 1940s. The brand has always been acclaimed for its reinterpretation of watch design history, particularly those from the military.

Mr Carlos Rosillo demonstrates Pocket Watch PW1

As “a watch from the past reflecting the present”, the Pocket Watch PW1 and Wristwatch WW1 models - while distinguished by their setting, finishes and movements - share common characteristics, personifying the design of the first wrist watches, yet made for the comfort of today’s men. The refined masculine design epitomises a new style of military neo-classicism.

Fm Pocket to the wrist, Bell & Ross launched the latest Pocket Watch PW1 (left) 
and Wristwatch WW1 (right)

For serious admirers of military watch history, the Wristwatch WW1 wristwatch also comes in its authentic Military versions; the Wristwatch WW-92 features a matte grey steel case and a distressed strap, and the Wristwatch WW1 – 92, encased in black, comes with sand-coloured index markings and a leather strap that will season with a vintage varnish over time. Both models offer an hour, minute and second graduations inspired by observation watches used by military pilots to calculate their direction, speed, and bearings, even in the dark.

From cockpit to the wrist, Bell & Ross showcased the iconic BR01 (right); Vintage Original (middle) and the latest wristwatch WW1 (left) at the best period party of the year

Bell & Ross Boutique
Lot P3.19.00, Level 3, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2141 1613

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