Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring Online

As long as you follow our guidelines for balancing the four C's to get the most bargains for your money. For instance, you'll discover that this gorgeous stone from the Blue Nile will look virtually the same as this diamond in Blue Nile once they are set, however you'll save 30 percent.

Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring Online
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The purchase of an engagement ring can be stressful for sure.

There's cut-quality, colour, and clarity of diamonds to take into consideration. There's also the weight of the diamond's carat. And then, there's the kind of metal you pick to set the diamond. Consider factors such as sizing diamond shapes, fluorescence and more to the mix and it's clear why people often be overwhelmed.

The majority of engagement ring advice for men that are shared on popular media aren't particularly helpful with their vague suggestions or "inspiration" ideas over actionable specific guidance on how to select and purchase the most appropriate ring.

The good news is that finding out the best way to purchase an engagement ring does not have to be complicated. With the right strategy you'll be able to impress your spouse with a ring that they will cherish for a long time and without the hassles most people have with buying a ring.

Industry Knowledge

Below, we've gathered our years of industry knowledge to explain exactly how you should select and purchase an engagement ring.

If you already have ideas or are just starting with scratch. These professional guidelines will help you pick the perfect diamond, style of jewelry or setting you want for the engagement ring. 


Let's get going. The following list of advice will aid you in buying an engagement ring confidently and with a fantastic result:


One of the many ways to shop for an engagement ring You may have heard advice that you should invest 2 or 3 months of your income for rings for engagements. You may also have looked up price guides for engagement rings which provide extremely high estimates of how much an "good" engagement ring should cost.

We believe that you shouldn't adhere to specific "rules," as most rules about engagement rings and costs are just gimmicks crafted by sellers and marketers of diamonds. Instead, decide on the amount you can afford by analyzing your financial situation, as well as the specific wishes of your future fiance.

The process of getting married and beginning your new life together is an expensive process. By buying an engagement ring that you can afford, instead of following the outdated, old "rules," you'll reduce your stress and worry about finances. Instead, your focus will be on you and your loved ones and the joy of tying the knot with your love of life.


The second stage in making an engagement ring that your spouse will appreciate is to consider her personal style.

Take a look at the other jewelry pieces. Are they mostly made of white as well as yellow gold? Do they like vintage pieces or more modern styles?

It is also possible to look at her clothes and accessories for a deeper understanding. What she wears gives you an idea of the style of ring she'd prefer. If, for instance, she is drawn to vintage-style floral dresses, you might want to consider designs like this elegant halo engagement ring by Blue Nile. If she's style is sleek and elegant, consider the diamond beveled platinum ring.

The conversation with your fiance's family and friends can be beneficial also. You can rely on the closest people to your future fiance such as a best friend, cousin, sister, or anyone else. Perhaps your partner has already expressed their wishes or ideas. You can also have a trusted friend look through different ring styles together.

Shape Of The Ring

When you design a ring, one of the first steps is to select the form of your diamond. From stunning heart-shaped rings, like this collection by James Allen to oval-shaped designs there are designs that suit everyone's personality.

A few prefer a classic design such as this brilliant round solitaire ring made by Blue Nile. Some prefer something more distinctive such as an pear-shaped engagement ring.

If the appearance of size is an issue, go for a design that looks bigger, such as the one that is featured in the Emerald Cut diamond ring from James Allen. This ring is the Emerald-Cut and Marquise-Cut, for instance, show larger sizes than other diamonds that have similar carat weight.

The shape you pick can also affect the setting design. Then, you have be sure that the diamond is secure within the setting and won't be prone to chipping such as when the the heart-shaped diamond isn't held with an earring.

Basics Understanding Of The Diamond:

Knowing the basics of all four C's (Cut Color, Cut Clarity as well as Carat) can assist you to make decision about the quality of a diamond. The quality and appearance of every diamond will vary dramatically.

This is our general suggestion to each one of these four areas. You can go through our complete guides to find out more details about each of the four C's.

Cut Choose only an Ideal or Excellent cut diamond so that your diamond has the greatest sparkle and sparkle. Cut is the primary quality determinant of a diamond's appearance.

Color Select an emerald cut diamond that is in the colorless G-I range. To the naked eye, the diamond appears as white as the diamonds in the D-F spectrum, however it is priced much lower.

Clarity A VS1 or V2 Clarity typically provides the highest quality for what is observed with an unaided eye. Blemishes and inclusions aren't evident at these grades.

Carat Since the most important thing is sparkle and beauty so, you should focus on buying the most beautiful diamond instead of a particular carat weight. Once you've determined the grades for the three other C's, you can find the most expensive carat that is still in your financial budget.

We also have a 1-carat diamond buying advice to aid you with the purchase of an engagement ring. It is also possible to go through the standard engagement size guide in case you're not exactly what size you should get.

Think You're A Diamond Pro?

These diamonds are the same as rings.

Real Diamond Pros know how to save more than 25 percent

Which one is it?

The J color is $4082.

or G color for $5500.

Select the diamond that you like best and then see whether you're a professional!

Find The Most Brilliant Diamond For Ring:

Of all the suggestions to buy an engagement ring, this may be the most important.

As with any other element of your ring, the sparkle, which is known by the world of diamonds as brilliance and fire is one of the most striking features in diamonds. We encourage our customers to invest more on diamonds of the highest cut as opposed to any other attribute.

You should avoid diamonds that are cut too thin because the light strikes the pavilion at an angle that is low. When a diamond is cut shallowly the light escapes through the sides instead of reflecting back through the table towards your eyes. Also, you should be wary of a diamond cut too deeply. The light gets dulled due to the sharp angle of reflection. This causes the diamond to appear less sparkling.

Purchase Online:

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