6 Maintenance Tips For Your Hair Tattoo

Microblading for full brows is a very common hair treatment done nowadays, mostly for women. But, did you know that you can also have the same procedure done for the purpose of covering your entire scalp? For men and women who suffer from massive hair loss, have thin hair, or getting really close to baldness, this is very good news. Having a hair tattoo done is the best available solution to finally have a permanent illusion of thick and lush hair.

6 Maintenance Tips For Your Hair Tattoo

So, when you’ve decided to have one done, you have to go all out with your commitment and preparation process. It's not enough to depend on the scalp micropigmentation practitioner for a successful hair tattoo procedure. Remember that once you leave their clinic, they’ve done their job well enough. It's now up to you to care for and maintain your hair tattoo properly.

With that said, below are some hair tattoo aftercare tips you need to follow:

1. Follow The Specialist’s Advice

First off, it’s a given that before you had your hair tattoo done, you’ve already gone through great lengths to search for a reliable and competent scalp micropigmentation specialist. Don't settle for anything less than the best in your area, so you’re guaranteed good results.

Most importantly, a skilled scalp micropigmentation practitioner will also be able to give you the best care and maintenance advice. The success and longevity of your hair tattoo don’t just depend on your chosen specialist per se, but on your active contribution as well. This means being responsible enough to follow all the care advice given to you.

2. Shower Before Your Hair Tattoo Procedure

Before you worry about aftercare strategies, you must prepare for the hair tattoo procedure well. The scalp micropigmentation specialist will most likely inform you that you can’t wash or wet your scalp yet at least four days after your appointment. So, to avoid getting your scalp and remaining hair unnecessarily sticky and uncomfortable, take a shower right before the procedure.

3. Avoid Certain Activities

When your tattoo is still healing, there are some activities you’ll need to refrain from doing. Those activities include sunbathing, tanning, swimming, and any physical activity that’ll have you sweating profusely.

Remember that you have to avoid washing your hair for a few days. This is why swimming isn’t recommended. As for sweating, it’s hard to maintain good hair hygiene when you sweat, and you aren’t able to wash it off. 

Tanning and sunbathing aren’t good for your scalp, too, as your head is still in the healing phase. The last thing you’ll want is to have your scalp infected through the small open wounds that are unnecessarily exposed to heat, germs, and other external factors.

4. Wash Your Head Gently

When you're finally allowed to wash your hair, treat your hair extra gently during the first wash. You have to be very careful so as not to be too harsh on your scalp since it is still healing. Just wash it with lukewarm water. Use gentle soap or baby soap to make sure you’re not adding harsh chemicals to your scalp. If it comes with an antibacterial component, that’s a major plus to keep your scalp bacteria-free.

5. Stay Out Of The Sun

Within the first month after your hair tattoo procedure, it’s also best to stay out of the sun. Avoid any unnecessary sun exposure for now, such as going to the beach. If your work entails you to be out and about, then at least protect yourself from the heat by using a hat or umbrella. You have to protect your scalp from extreme heat, as this would affect the healing process.

6. Treat It Like An Open Wound

Your scalp is much like an open wound right after the procedure. There would be tiny scabs on your head, which is a normal part of the scalp micropigmentation or hair tattoo process. It's normal for dry skin to flake off, as that’s a part of the healing process.

However, be wary about symptoms like heat boils, redness, and pain that still persists on your scalp even after 24 hours following the procedure. Give your scalp micropigmentation specialist a ring if you notice unexpected symptoms or side effects.


Now that you’re aware of what to do after getting a hair tattoo, you should be feeling even more confident about having it done! If you’re certain it’s the best thing to do for your hair’s condition, go ahead and ask for a reliable specialist to help you out with it. Who says you’ll have to suffer through your baldness? You no longer have to feel conscious about those bald spots, when your hair tattoo lasts longer!

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