How to Make Organite Jewelry for Beginners

Orgonite jewelry isn’t just fun to wear, but it’s also fun to make. Sure, there are lots of them that you can find available in the market, but making your own hits differently. Since it’s a mixture of different types of crystals, creating your own orgonite jewelry gives you the endless possibility of making it as customized as possible that can truly represent you and your personality. It can also boost your creativity towards art. 

How to Make Organite Jewelry for Beginners
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It might be hard for first-timers, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Here’s a walk-through on how you can make your own jewelry as a beginner. 

STEP 1: Decide what type of jewelry you wish to create. 

There are lots of jewelry that you can make using an orgonite crystal. It’s up to you. Mostly, what beginners commonly make is a necklace with an orgone pendant because it’s the easiest. 

STEP 2: Gather your materials. 

Before you can really proceed to the fun part, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary materials to complete the piece. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to make one: 

Newspaper to cover the work area

Crafting epoxy or resin hardener

Resin molds

Vinyl or Latex gloves

Plastic cups or a small mixing bowl

Squeeze bottle 

Copper or aluminum wire

Crystal pieces


Chains and hooks

Two pairs of pliers

Blow dryer

STEP 3: Preparation. 

Wear your gloves, and cover your workstation with the newspaper. Arrange your materials accordingly. Start mixing the resin hardener with warm water in the mixing bowl. 

STEP 4: Arrange the precious gems, crystals, and metals in the mold based on the design that you want. 

Here’s the fun part. You can customize as you want. While waiting for the resin mixture to warm up enough you can start designing your orgone pendant in another mold. The more creative you are, the better. 

STEP 5: Pour the resin mixture. 

Once the resin mixture is fully warmed you can now pour their resin mixture towards the other mold that’s filled with crystals and precious gems. Do this slowly and don’t overfill the molds. 

STEP 6: Add the hook to the mold. 

Once you’re done filling up the mold with the resin mixture, add the eye pin at the top part. Make sure to add the pin immediately so you can still make adjustments since the mixture isn’t set yet. 

STEP 7: Leave the molds overnight. 

Allow the resin to set for at least 24 hours so you can easily peel off the resin out of the mold. 

STEP 8: Remove the resin from the mold. 

Make sure to check the resin mixture if it has already been set. If it’s firm enough, gently peel it off out of the mold so you can see the initial result of your orgone pendant. 

STEP 9: Attach the chains on the pin. 

For the final step, you can now attach your chain or hooks in the eye pin so you can use the orgone pendant as a necklace or earrings. Then, you’re good to go. 

Final Words 

Crafting your own orgone pendant is a lot of fun. It’s easy and very ideal for beginners. You can make use of the designs that can be found on the internet for more inspiration. With complete materials and a wide imagination, you can surely make lots of them. 

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