ON. WEBTOON Online International Webtoon Exhibition

ON. WEBTOON. “ON” has multiple meanings, of, to turn on, to maintain, all, and Online, as well the comforting message of conveying warmth and enjoyment to the global community, fatigued from the COVID-19. ON. WEBTOON. Online International Webtoon Exhibition, the Korean webtoon online international exhibition, will start on February 11. An online fan meeting withChoi Gyu-seok, author of Hellbound, will be presented in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiaand Osaka, Japan on February 18 and 19. 

ON. WEBTOON Online International Webtoon Exhibition 

Korean Webtoon Online Exhibition will begin soon with special Fan Meeting made especially for Malaysians who enjoy Korean webtoons on www.kwebtoon.net

The exhibition, ON. WEBTOON, is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea and hosted by Korea Manhwa Contents Agency, the Korean Embassy in Malaysia, and the Korean Cultural Center of Osaka, and will introduce the webtoon works that are popular in the given country as well as offering additional events, like talk shows and fan meetings. 

ON. WEBTOON Online International Webtoon Exhibition 

The exhibition that is geared for Malaysia will present five webtoon works: Hellbound by Yeon Sang-ho and Choi Gyu-seok, Nabilera: like a butterfly by HUN and JIMMY, True Beauty by Yaongyi, Nevertheless by Jeongseo, and The Uncanny Counter by Jang E. 

It is all the more meaningful for a Korean Webtoon exhibition to take place for the first time in Malaysia where the webtoon was not readily available. It is our pleasure to bring the original webtoon works to the people of Malaysia who have accessed the popular Korean dramas and films through diverse OTT services.

Furthermore, an extra on-site event will include an on-line fan meeting and talk with Choi Gyu-seok, author of Hellbound, on February 18 at Korea Plaza, run by the Kuala Lumpur branch of the Korea Tourism Organization and the Korean Embassy of Malaysia. Part One of the event is a pre-recorded talk between Kwon Chang-ho, director of Korea Webtoon Association and Choi Gyu-seok, author of Hellbound. Part Two will be an on-line fan meeting with Choi Gyu-seok, followed by a real-time interview with the audience on the subject of the Korean webtoon.

In his welcoming remarks, Lee Chi-beom, the Korean Ambassador to Malaysia stated, “We look forward to a more dynamic cultural exchange between the two countries with the introduction of the webtoon that is a source of Korean dramas and films to Malaysia.”

In Osaka, Japan, the following five webtoon works, Hellbound, Nabilera: like a butterfly True Beauty, Solo Leveling, by h-goon, Jang Seong-rak and Chugong, and Itaewon Class by Gwang Jin will be presented. Solo Leveling, which was especially popular in Japan, had more than a million subscribers on Picoma, thereby showing heightened interest about K-webtoon in the Japanese market.  

On February 19, an additional event will be a joint lecture by Lee Hyeon-seok, director of Red Seven and Professor Yamanaka Chie, in modern sociology at Kyoto Sangyo University, along with an on-line fan meeting with Choi Gyu-seok, author of Hellbound followed by Q&A on the status of Korean webtoon in Japan with the audience. The program will be aired live through the Korean Cultural Center of Osaka YouTube Channel.

Jeong Tae-gu, director of the Korean Cultural Center of Osaka said, “It would be a good opportunity for the two countries to exchange mutually good influences by merging the strengths of the manhwa cultures of Korea and Japan.” 

Shin Jong-cheol, director of Korea Manhwa Agency hopes that the manhwa exhibition held in conjunction with the overseas public institutes can promote on a greater scale the outstanding content of Korean manhwa and webtoons, as well as reinforcing their artistic and commercial value. 

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