These 7 Tips Will Make You Look Your Most Gorgeous On Prom Night

Write an article about how prom night is quickly approaching and you're probably figuring out what to wear, who to ask, what to do with your hair, whether or not to go with friends-the list goes on. But before you get too carried away with the stress of it all, take a look at these 7 tips that will make sure you'll be looking your most gorgeous on the big day.

These 7 Tips Will Make You Look Your Most Gorgeous On Prom Night
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Find A Dress That Fits Your Body Type

Figuring out what to wear is one of the most stressful parts about prom night. But if you know what dress looks best on your body type-whether it's long, short, tight, or flowing-then finding a dress will be effortless. Before you hit the store for dresses, find pictures of cute prom dresses online that are similar to what you're looking for. Also, try on different dresses once you get to the store so you can see which dress looks best. 

If you have friends who will be going with you, ask them to come over so you can all try on different clothes together. Having a friend or two around while trying on clothes will help relieve some of the stress and pressure of finding the perfect dress, date night outfit, shoes, etc., because they are there to support you through it all.

Don't Forget Shoes And Jewelry

What would a cute dress be without the perfect pair of shoes? The same goes for makeup and jewelry. Once you have picked out your dress, you will need the perfect pair of shoes and jewelry to go with it. If your dress is very colorful or has a unique pattern on it, then finding the perfect accessories that fit it will be difficult, which is why we recommend sticking to simple dresses. This way you can create different looks with just earrings and necklaces. And adding a different pair of shoes will be easy.

Choose Your Makeup Wisely

As important as finding the perfect dress and accessories is, choosing the right makeup can make or break your look. What's great about going to prom with friends is that you have someone there with you at all times so if your makeup begins to melt off, they can fix it for you. Before you head out to prom at night, practice applying your makeup in front of the mirror so that when it's time to go, all you have to do is swipe on some blush and lip-gloss and dash out the door.

Consider hiring a makeup artist to save time before prom night. Maybe you're not the best with makeup and need some guidance on how to apply everything properly. Or maybe, you just don't have enough time to do your makeup yourself. Either way, hiring a professional makeup artist will save you tons of time so you can focus on other parts needed for that perfect prom look.

Don't Go Overboard On The Accessories

While it might be nice to accessorize everything on your body, like rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings (not all at once), you might end up looking a little too dressed up. If you want to look cute without going overboard with the accessories, we recommend wearing simple jewelry and shoes-like studs instead of dangling earrings or a ring. This way you have enough room for your date's corsage without looking too busy or overdressed.

Hair That Stands Out-But Not Too Much

On prom night, it's always best to wear your hair down and in loose waves. The whole idea of prom is to look pretty and feel comfortable. Although having your hair in a bun is cute for pictures, you will most likely end up pulling it out of the tight ponytail all night long which will give you headaches in the end.

If you have curly hair, you can always get a straightening treatment done at a salon prior to prom so your hair will be flat, smooth, and wavy when the night is over. And if you have straight hair, then getting it curled will look amazing with any type of dress or hairstyle. 

Pick A Hair Style You Know You Can Do Yourself

Make sure you choose a hairstyle that isn't too complicated because if it is, you might end up asking a family member or friend for help. Also, make sure that the hairstyle you choose can be maintained on prom night and won't fall flat halfway through the dance.

Use hair spray to keep your hair in place all night long. This way your hairstyle will look amazing throughout the night. Even if you decide to wear it down, using hair spray will help keep the flyaways down and away from your face. 

Take Some Time To Relax Before Prom Night

Prom can be stressful for some, especially if you have to worry about taking care of things like transportation, hair, makeup, etc. For others, the thought of being surrounded by people they don't know all night long might make them really nervous. This is why it's important to take a few hours or even a day before prom night to relax and focus on yourself.

Some people like to go for a spa day to get their nails done, have their hair blown out, and relax in the sauna. Others might prefer shopping with friends or spending some quiet time by themselves to clear their minds. Either way, taking some time before prom night to rest will make you feel less stressed throughout the craziness.

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Remember the most important thing is that you feel good about yourself, whether that's because you have the perfect dress or because you feel confident in yourself. You will remember this night for a long time so make sure that you have fun with your friends and make some great memories. Also, make sure to take a lot of photos with your friends and family! These pictures will last a lifetime so you will always be able to look back on them and remember what an amazing time you had. While you might be worried about your date or outfit, remember that prom is all about having fun and being happy so make sure to enjoy it!

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