Alaska: Where to Go, What to See, What to Do

Best Things to Do and See when visiting the city of Anchorage, it is worth visiting such Alaska attractions as the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Here, tourists will be told about the state's history and introduced to the culture of the locals who still live in the area.

Alaska: Where to Go, What to See, What to Do

There are other places of interest in Anchorage, although not as many as in other fairly large U.S. cities. But they are also worth visiting on a sightseeing tour. The reason for the lack of sights of the early 20th century is the massive earthquake of 1964. 

According to the residents of Alaska themselves, it is impossible to visit this state and not visit such places:

The town of Fairbanks, located almost near the Arctic Circle and famous for its white nights;

Portage Glacier, where you can experience the formidable climate of the northern state. Other famous glaciers - Hubbard, Columbia, and Cahiltna - are on the list of things to visit in Alaska;

The city of Anchorage is Alaska's largest population center. You can do skiing here in the winter, and in March you can attend the opening of the dog sled race (the race itself is held in Willow);

Kenai River - by renting a fishing rod and hiring a boat, tourists can experience firsthand how the locals vacation in Alaska in the summer. And if you get here during the spawning season, you can catch a few pounds of fish (though, most of it will have to be released due to restrictions on fishing);

Dr. Seuss's House - a mysterious hut 12 stories high, built, according to legend, to admire the Mount Denali (formerly McKinley). The building is on private property, but is open to tourists;

Mendenhall Glacier Caves with beautiful caves - due to the constant melting of the ice, the colors and size of the attractions change all the time. It is not too safe to be here. Therefore, only adults should visit the caves;

The city of Juneau - here you can climb to a height of 550 meters, enjoying the views of the Gastineau Strait and the surrounding mountains.

Mount Flattop is worth a trip to celebrate the summer solstice. Other times, though, it can be fun for summit lovers, too. The summit height is 1070 m. Once in the Seward area and wondering where to visit in Alaska, it is worth traveling to Kenai Fjords National Park.

From here, you can embark on a boat ride, watch whales and melting glaciers. Another way to admire nature without overpaying for an expensive excursion is to take the Alaska Marine Highway ferry to the Kenai Peninsula. And it's worth getting to Kodiak Island in September when they hold a crab festival and taste the famous "king" crab.

A Trip for the Whole Family

One of the places to visit with children in Alaska is the National Zoo in the city of Anchorage. Family tourists who come here will also enjoy the seaport, the musk ox farm, and the local aviation museum. Anchorage is a city with only those attractions that are suitable for lovers of civilized leisure. 

Tourists who come here in search of more interesting adventures are advised to go to other places. For example, Mount Roberts, Denali, and Katmai Parks, or the town of Skagway, was founded during the Gold Rush.

Local attractions include Katmai National Park, where tourists can see grizzly bears living in the wild. The popularity of the reserve is so widespread that people start booking cabins here for the summer in the winter. Visitors to the park can take on a walking tour, rent a plane or motorboat.

Another reserve, Denali, is located near the mountain of the same name. Here tourists can see not only grizzlies but also wolves, moose, and foxes. Tour bus drivers always stop at the sight of rare animals, giving tourists a close-up shot.

In Alaska's capital, Juneau, you can see a small 19th-century Russian church and the state capitol. But the main attraction is the cable car to Mount Roberts. The cable cars are a few dozen meters above the ground, so this trip will interest both children and adults.

In Juneau, you can also see a monument to the bull terrier, which symbolizes the loyalty of dogs to their owners. A boat trip to admire the giant glaciers, seals and whales is also a viable option.

The port town of Skagway is located near the famous Klondike and may interest children primarily because of its atmosphere. The most interesting attraction in the area is the Yukon Railroad. The 175-kilometer stretch of track runs past picturesque forests and lakes, offering plenty of opportunities for kids and adults to take memorable pictures.

From Skagway, you can also travel to the Klondike itself. This is an area where tens of thousands of Canadians and Americans came 120 years ago in search of gold, though only one in twenty could find it. You should know that the historic area is not in Alaska but Canada. You will need a Canadian visa to travel here.

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