Everything You Need To Know About The New Embroidery Tattoos Trend

Back in the day, tattoos were often associated with convicted felons, drug addicts, street gangs, and other societal misfits – nowadays, they’re a form of expression and enhancing beauty. From the traditional skull and bone inscriptions, people are now drawing flowers, crosses, and even their loved ones on their bodies. 

Everything You Need To Know About The New Embroidery Tattoos Trend

One notable trend in the tattooing industry is the growing popularity of embroidery tattoos. If you aren’t familiar with this form of body art, read on to discover why embroidery patch tattoos are a thing

What is an Embroidery Tattoo?

As the name suggests, embroidery tattooing takes after traditional embroidery where patterns are sewn onto objects. 

That said, the tattooing process doesn’t involve threads and needles. Embroidery tattoos are designed in a way that they look like they’re stitched onto your body. Essentially, they create an illusion of a three-dimensional image. 

Embroidery tattoos are also called patch tattoos because they resemble the patches found on most denim jackets. They transform your body into a tapestry.

Why Embroidery Tattoos?

The best thing about embroidery tattoos is their unlimited customisability. Whether you are a minimalist or an outgoing individual, you’re sure to get a design that showcases your preference.

Another reason why embroidery tattoos are popular, especially on photo-centric social platforms like Instagram, is because they appear realistic. It isn’t easy to tell a well-crafted embroidery tattoo apart from a stitched patch on a handmade fabric.

Embroidery tattoos are trendy among young females because of their delicate and sophisticated touch. For instance, a rose flower can appear so real that you won’t take your eyes off it.

How to Choose the Right Embroidery Tattoo Artist

Due to their complexity and high level of detail, it’s best to get an embroidery tattoo from an individual with deliberate knowledge in the practice. If you go to an inexperienced tattooist, there’s a high chance that you’ll get unsatisfactory results. 

Finding a tattooist can be quite challenging if you’re a first-timer, especially one who does patch tattoos. Fortunately, several pointers can help you make an informed decision.

Most tattooists have a record showing their previous works (If they can’t provide one, move on to the next option). These records can be in hard copy or online. Ensure that your preferred artist has the experience of drawing embroidery tattoos before booking an appointment.

Also, remember to ask questions about the tattooing process so that you’re fully prepared on the day. More importantly, ensure that you feel comfortable with the artist and the tattoo shop.


After getting inked, the tattooed area will be red and sore for the first few weeks. The magnitude of the pain depends on the tattoo’s size and how you take care of the wound.

Additionally, the location of the tattoo will determine the degree of pain you endure. The most painful spots to get tattooed are around the neck, wrist, and generally, areas where the skin is thin.

It’s wise to follow the instructions given by your artist during recovery. This shortens the healing time and reduces the risk of getting infections.

Avoid irritating the tattooed area, as this prolongs the healing process. In addition, keep it free of moisture since this provides favourable conditions for bacterial growth and increases the risk of infections. Ensure that you use the right antiseptic to prevent bacterial infections – some chemicals are abrasive and can increase the severity of the wound.

Wrapping Up

Embroidery tattoos are infinitely better than traditional body art, mainly because they epitomise detail. However, their main shortcoming is that you need to find an artist with adequate experience, lest you get disappointing results.

That said, these tattoos are permanent. For this reason, you need to think through it deeply before visiting your artist.

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