#MakaKami Projek57 Kick Off with 100,000 Unity Ribbons

In the countdown to Hari Merdeka and Hari Malaysia, social enterprise Projek57 is targeting to sell 100,000 Unity Ribbons to Malaysians this year, with 100 per cent of the profits to be channelled to Orang Asli and underprivileged youth communities.

#MakaKami Projek57 Kick Off with 100,000 Unity Ribbons

Over the last two years of the Unity Ribbon initiative alone, approximately 260,000 Malaysians bought and wore the ribbon which serves as a symbol of patriotism and unity, and hope for a better future for the Rakyat.

Through the sale of the Unity Ribbon as well as premium quality cotton t-shirts and other merchandise featuring unique home-grown designs with messages of unity, Projek57 and its partners have been able to empower youth communities in need by raising close to RM300,000 since its inception in 2015.

Inspired by the Jalur Gemilang flag, the Unity Ribbon was launched by Projek57 in 2018. The Unity Ribbon is handmade by Orang Asli youths, the disabled and underprivileged. Unity Ribbon workshops are also held to hand-make the ribbons while instilling the message of hope among the participants. Priced at RM3.00 each, the ribbon features the iconic silhouette of the country’s first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman’s face.

Those interested can also purchase t-shirts and polo shirts featuring Tunku Abdul Rahman and patriotic messages. There are various designs and sizes available for all ages. The social enterprise has also teamed up with Earth Heir this year to create Fair Trade reusable cloth face masks hand-embroidered with Projek57’s iconic silhouette of Tunku Abdul Rahman which start at RM30.00. The mask comes with a filter pocket and has been tested in Hong Kong by a medical practitioner, with up to approximately 90% effectiveness.

Co-Founder of Projek57 Syed Sadiq Albar said, “With the Rukun Negara theme for Merdeka Day this year, the Unity Ribbon can play a special part as a symbol of hope especially for the youth of the nation. This has been an exceptionally tough year and it is only by standing together as one that we can move forward as a nation. Ours is a simple message but one that binds us as Malaysians. Together with our partners and youth organisations, we will continue to reach out to needy communities with Projek57’s Youth Movement of Hope.”

Co-Founder of Projek57 Collin Swee added, “We aim to spur unity-based conversations amongst Malaysians from all walks of life, with special attention given to our youth who need us more than ever this year given the challenges we have faced as a result of the pandemic. By instilling the values of the Rukun Negara, namely patriotism, diversity, unity and progressiveness, we hope to encourage our youth to find their voice and make a difference in their lives and for those around them.”

Projek57 this year is collaborating with Undi18, Nation Building School, Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) and several other youth organisations and NGOs.

All merchandise are available at https://www.projek57.com/shop/, Pos Malaysia outlets nationwide, Village Grocer & Ben’s Independent Grocer, A&W Malaysia, Madam Kwan’s and the APOM stores. To purchase the exclusive face mask, one can go to Earth Heir’s website at https://earthheir.com/collections/fair-trade-refugee-made-reusable-face-mask/products/projek-57-x-earth-heir-tunku-mask.

For more information, please visit https://www.projek57.com/

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