Assistive Devices That Can Improve the Everyday Life of Seniors

As seniors age, many of them start losing mobility and movement that limit the ability to live life on their own by doing their daily chores all by themselves.  The quality of life starts deteriorating as they need some assistance in moving around or performing many of their tasks, which might be as simple as changing clothes or sitting on a chair and getting out of it. Some seniors may experience impaired hearing besides losing some of their cognitive abilities. As a result, they look for some assistive devices for senior citizens that can help them regain some of the lost freedom and allow them to live life on their own with minimal assistance.  Moreover, the devices enhance seniors' safety, which can be a constant worry when they are unable to take care of themselves.

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Assistive Devices That Can Improve the Everyday Life of Seniors
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The assistive devices help seniors to maintain their daily activities and enjoy independent living, which is the desire of every individual. Here are some of the must-have assistive devices that seniors need to ensure a safe and comfortable life.

Activator poles

Those who suffer from chronic pain, Parkinson's disease and stroke, Multiple sclerosis, or those recovering from hip or knee surgery might need assistance in the movement to maintain their mobility and would typically rely on canes and walkers. But Activator Poles are an excellent alternative to canes and walkers as these are designed for providing the right kind of assistance to people suffering from impaired mobility. Each of the dual poles has a capacity of 200 pounds of weight, and its ergonomically designed handle supports core strengthening while the bell-shaped tip offers stability.

Grip bed handle

Seniors often find it challenging to maintain their body balance when getting out of bed on their own and need some support to get out of bed safely.  The bed handles are specially designed and attach to any bed frame of average height due to the ease of assembling without using any tools.  The 9 inches non-slip handle allows a firm, stable grip. This is an essential aid for those suffering from vertigo, Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis, and arthritis.

Buttoning aid hook

Buttoning can be an arduous task for seniors who suffer from reduced dexterity or fine motor impairment and arthritis. The tool has a simple hook and wire design with a comfortable grip that eases that task of buttoning clothes, which can be done with one hand. 

Long reach comfortable wipe

Maintaining hygiene is extremely important for seniors, but it can be challenging in toilets for those who have difficulty reaching out due to limited dexterity. The long reach comfort wipe is 15 inches long with a soft, flexible head that securely grips toilet paper or moistened wipes. For fast, sanitary disposal, there is a quick-release function too.

Recordable alarm clock

Those suffering from dementia or brain injury would find the recordable alarm clock highly beneficial for setting daily reminders for tasks or appointments in the most convenient manner. The highly user-friendly device can be personalized with the user’s voice or that of their loved ones.

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