What Should You Care for When Shipping Your Car and Belongings Together?

When planning your car shipment, you’d expect the auto transporters to ship your belongings along. As per the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), shipping belongings in car transportation company pose a serious theft issue to the vehicles and their belongings. This is the reason why some companies refrain from shipping a car and belongings together.

What Should You Care for When Shipping Your Car and Belongings Together?
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But there are some guidelines that you can follow to protect your goods while shipping them with the car. Some auto transport companies have a set of rules that you have to adhere to if you wish to transport your belongings as well. A few insurance companies also offer insurance to the belongings if you declare the full value of your goods. The list of exceptions to carry goods is a bit higher than the actual coverage offered.

Learn about the tips of how to ship a car that you should follow while shipping your belongings with your car in this article.

Minimize the Risk of Theft

According to the road transport authority, the risk of theft is high when the vehicles are shipped on long distances. The percentage of risk increases by 22% when you have your belongings shipped in the car.

To minimize the risk, you must stick to only light-boxes that can be kept under the seat, in the trunk, or near the leg-space. Have your car glasses sealed with a cover or paper from inside. If possible, ship your car with a body covering to limit its exposure to debris and natural elements. It will minimize the risk of theft and protect your car's body during the shipment.

Stick to ‘Below the Window’ Rule

The cost of car shipping may increase with the size of the vehicle. The smaller and lighter the car model, the less expensive your shipment will be. Additionally, it will help if you keep all the belongings in the car below the window level.

The belongings must be placed in a fashion wherein the bags will not be visible from distances. The reliable car shipping companies follow this rule strictly to reduce the visibility of the belongings. So, stick with them for safe transportation of your vehicle and belongings to their destination.

Keep the Weight within Limits

The truck drivers have to follow the transportation rules while carrying a fleet of cars. They have to maintain the weight limit within the standards to avoid penalties or fines during transportation.

If you lay the belongings in the car and overload it, your vehicle may suffer the damage during shipment. Furthermore, the other vehicles in the shipment may also suffer damage due to overload in your car. Work with companies that follow this rule.

Prevention of Damage During Transit

Shipping a car and belongings together is not a bad idea if the weight is balanced, and it doesn't pose a threat to other vehicles. Let's be honest; the long-distance routes have rough roads, where the containers and trailers vibrate and suffer jerks.

During the transit, the vehicles are loaded one upon the other over a railing. And the weight distribution has to be calculated before loading the cars. But if the weight is not balanced, it may cause severe damage to the other vehicles, including yours. Hence, the weight of the belongings must be as per the standards stated by the transportation regulatory body.


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