Planning a Road Trip? Safety Tips You Need to Know

It is a favorite time of the year for thousands of would-be travelers; road trip season. Throughout summer and into fall, families, friends, couples, confirmed singles, and anyone who loves to get behind the wheel of their vehicle, have a great time just being out on the road for a short or long road trip. 

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Planning a Road Trip?
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Some of our best moments are when we do things spontaneously, but just hopping into your vehicle without taking precautionary measures for road safety is probably not the best way to go about it. For a safe and fun trip, here are some safety tips you need to hear.

Have an Emergency Kit

It is not an understatement to say that a car emergency kit can literally save your life! Hopefully, you won’t need it for that, but at the very least, it can be the difference between being safe on the road and winding up lost or stranded for hours.

Before you happily jump into your car, make sure to equip an emergency kit with the right stuff. Maybe you think it’s only about having a spare tire, jack, map, and a small tool kit, but there are plenty of other items that have to be included. These could be jumper cables, a flashlight, car-escape tools, around two-quarts of oil, non-spill gas cans, a fire extinguisher, a multi-purpose tool, and more. 

Just a few decades ago, you would not have needed a phone charger because you didn’t have a cell phone, but that’s now a necessity; a spare working phone wouldn’t hurt either. A handheld GPS unit, some bottles of drinking water, and some snacks are other items to make room for. 

You also need a traditional, fully-stocked first-aid kit. Don’t forget to check the items in the kit before you take off. Some items, like antiseptic wiping pads, could dry out depending on how old they are and how they were stored. Considering the health circumstances this year, you might want to include some masks in your first-aid kit, as well.

Vehicle Check

There is no debate that a thorough check on your vehicle has to be part of your road trip plan before you travel. You won’t know if the car is ready to handle the trip until all the vital parts of it get checked. 

Checking your battery for any corrosion is a starting point. Disconnect the battery if it is corroded and clean it with a wire brush. 

Belts and hoses can get frayed and are prone to cracking. When they weaken or break, they cause leaks and can halt the car, the cooling system, or the steering system. They need to be inspected and replaced accordingly. 

Then check the many car fluids you have. They include engine, power steering, brake, and windshield fluids. Just adding more engine oil, for instance, isn’t the right way to do it because that won’t clear the sludge of oil, and the longer your trip, the more stress it will place on the car if the old oil hasn't been drained. 

Of course, don't forget to check the tires and spare. They have to be properly inflated to the correct tire pressure. 

As you can see, you have to do a lot of checking, and you might be driving or renting a car of which you have no knowledge of its condition and history. If only there were a method or tool that we could use, without sending the car to a mechanic that would tell us about a car's condition. Well, lucky for all Americans, the folks over at reveal ways to simplify this process and explain all you need to know about a vehicle. Just by providing a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), you can have a vehicle record, background history, state records, and more all in one report. This report is easy to read, understand, and is essential when deciding what kind of car you want for a road trip.

Have Important Items Within Reach

While on the road, you want minimal rummaging through bags. It would be the right time to get a bag with plenty of pockets for various small items. Keep the essential things near you and know where they are. Taking your eyes off the road to look for something is too dangerous; it only takes seconds for an accident to happen. 

If you’re traveling as a family, this is even more crucial. You have plenty of choices of backseat car organizers for children old enough to get something for themselves. Kids in the back seat want entertainment, and their essentials should also be near them or near to the adult attending to small kiddies. If it’s just you and your young ones, we cannot stress enough how essential and useful organization is for you.

Keep the Partying for Later

True, half the fun is getting there, but you always want to drive responsibly. If you’re a group of friends traveling, too much partying, blaring music, and roaring talk and laughter affects the driver. One of the biggest reasons for car accidents is distracted driving so help the driver remain focused on the road, and not on what is happening in the back seat. 

Each friend could be responsible for a task. Have your backseat friend in charge of music, and passenger seat buddy in charge of navigation, for instance. Take turns driving so that no one is exhausted and the driver will be more alert.

Learn Some Skills

Learning to do a few things on your own is always helpful. There is no shortage of tutorials and other means of information for some quick and easy repairs, like fixing a flat tire, changing your wipers, or adding fluid. If you are at a total loss, make sure the car manual is available to you in case you need it. 

Planning a Road Trip? Safety Tips You Need to Know, Road Trip Safety Tips, Road Trip, Safety Tips, Travel, Travel by Road, Car Road Trip
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No matter how fun and how well-planned, some things can go wrong on a road trip. Go with the flow, keep your cool, and be flexible. Stop and park the car, take a few deep breaths, and don’t let the beautiful scenery pass you by if there are some hiccups along the way. Remember why you wanted to take a road trip and enjoy it to the fullest.

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