A Stay At Home Mum’s Guide To Working From Home Without Going Crazy

Global pandemic or no global pandemic, you’ve found a great opportunity to do your job from home and you really want to make it work. What’s the best way to guarantee yourself a nice, quiet home office space where you can work without being interrupted by your pets and kids every few minutes? You need working from home beginner’s guide!

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A Stay At Home Mum’s Guide To Working From Home Without Going Crazy
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In this stay at home mum’s guide to working from home, you’ll find the best tips and tricks for staying on top of your work tasks without your family members getting under your skin. From taking care of your small children to managing other household tasks, all while keeping up with your work-from-home job, there is a lot to be learned about balance and organization.

Keep this guide close by to make your first work-from-home experience a success!

1. Create Your Workspace
The first and foremost thing you need to do before you can successfully work from home is to create your own, separate area for working. Whether you can dedicate an entire room to a private home office, or you just section off part of the living room or bedroom to make the space your own, you have to find a quiet area where you can set up shop. Otherwise, you will be roaming around the home unsatisfied with everything around you.

This space should also be something that prevents other family members from constantly barging in. A place that can be closed off with a door would be ideal.

2. Communicate Often With Your Colleagues
If you are like a great number of people across the globe right now, your once in-person job is now a virtual, work-from-home job. You’re suddenly in need of a stay-at-home mum’s guide to working from home! If you are someone who is used to keeping in close contact with your colleagues, make sure to keep up that habit from home, too!

One of the biggest challenges that has made working from home difficult for those who have never done it before is not being physically next to any of your coworkers. It’s important to keep in contact with them and check in with them regularly to make sure you are still on the same page with your shared tasks.

3. Get a Comfortable Chair
Trust me when I say that ergonomics is a highly underrated but highly needed value when it comes to working from home. You can probably quickly set up just about anywhere in the house, but if you are going to be sitting somewhere working for hours on end, it needs to be at least somewhat ergonomically correct. An ergonomic office chair from https://apol.sg is meant to ease pressure on your spine and joints, making it a pleasant place to sit for long amounts of time. You can adjust the seat height, as well as the backrest and armrests, to find the optimum position for you.

but if you are going to be sitting somewhere working for hours on end, it needs to be at least somewhat ergonomically correct. 

Think about the chair you sit in at work. Was it a nice, comfortable desk chair? Now, what do you have at home? You should see how I got started making money online. I had nothing more than a couch and a laptop, but I made it work!

And speaking of ergonomics, here are a few other comfortable and healthy things you should invest in:

● Glasses or contacts with your correct prescription

● A large, high-resolution computer monitor and screen

● A padded office chair

● An ergonomic keyboard that tips back

Think about the usual office comforts you have at work, and do your best to bring that comfort into the home. It will save you a lot of stress and pain, and you won’t go crazy with irritation every twenty minutes!

4. Tell Your Kids Not to Bother You
This is easier said than done, I know. But the best way to get into the habit of working from home is to do just that - make it a habit!

Your kids will get excited that you are going to be home with them every day. But, have a talk with them so they can understand what to expect of you. Obviously you are going to have to take some time out during your day to care for your kids, but you can offer them incentives as a reward for good behavior if they can stay quiet during your working hours.

For example, tell them that you will give them ice cream at six o’clock if they can be good and play quietly for the next two hours. Or promise them a trip to their favorite store. Promises of gifts can work wonders!

Keep Up the Good Work!
Working from home is difficult until it is easy. You need to get into the groove of things by setting a schedule and sticking to your comfort levels. By establishing a private space, you can give yourself better chances of working from home without interruption.

Kids will be kids. But there are ways to get them to behave so you can get your work done without the house burning down. It might be rough at first, but you will get there!

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