8 Tips on How to Keep the Sidewalk Safe: Does It Give the Impression of Cleanliness and Reliability?

Managing a business means staying on top of details such as the building's exterior appearance and sidewalk safety. The outdoor areas are the first thing people see and make a lasting impression. Companies need to put a trustworthy, well-maintained face forward to bring clients in the doors. Use these eight smart tips to keep the sidewalk safe and give the impression of cleanliness and reliability.

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8 Tips on How to Keep the Sidewalk Safe: Does It Give the Impression of Cleanliness and Reliability?
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Schedule Soft Pressure Washing Regularly

Dirt, grime, and the elements all make sidewalks look shoddy. Even if you sweep and wash them regularly, the ground-in debris is impossible to remove. Schedule soft pressure washing regularly to keep the sidewalks looking clean at all times. Professional services, such as A+ Soft Wash, have the equipment to keep sidewalks looking their best all year round.

Sweep Regularly

Leaves, trash, and other unwanted elements quickly build up on sidewalks. Large debris can become a safety hazard, as can slippery materials. Sweep the sidewalk daily to get rid of trash and keep the surface safe for walking. It takes just a few minutes to sweep, and it makes a difference in the overall appearance of the business. During inclement weather, sweep away the snow and remove all ice so customers can walk safely.

Pull Weeds

Cracks in the sidewalks become places for weeds to take root. When weeds get taller, they can cause people to trip and fall on the sidewalk. Pull weeds from between the cracks regularly to keep sidewalks looking clean. Plus, overgrown weeds make the business property look neglected, which could cause customers to turn away.

Apply Sealer

Applying a sealer to the sidewalks helps prevent ugly stains that inevitably develop over time. Using a sealer and scheduling soft pressure washing regularly helps keep sidewalks looking like new for years to come. A professional can help you determine the right sealer to use and how to apply it for maximum protection against the elements.

Repair Cracks

Concrete sidewalks eventually crack even when they are properly maintained. The shifting land beneath the sidewalk, traffic, and other conditions cause cracks to form. Always repair cracks immediately to avoid safety issues and keep the sidewalks looking great.

Trim Branches and Shrubs

Walk along your sidewalks every few days to get a firsthand experience. Look for low branches and shrubs growing over the sidewalk. Prune overgrown bushes, trim low-hanging tree limbs, and keep the landscaping tidy for optimum safety at all times. Container gardens along the sidewalk can add beauty without getting in the way of incoming and outgoing traffic at your business.

Get to Know Local Ordinances

Remember to check local ordinances with regard to displaying signs, parking on sidewalks, and other common concerns. Some areas do not permit sidewalk signage, while others have regulations regarding size and content. Make sure your signs and other promotional materials are not a hazard to customers trying to enter the business.

Remove Paint and Tar

Roadwork and local work will always be in progress, causing additional cleanup along the way. If paint or target on the sidewalk, remove it immediately. If you have difficulty, contact a professional cleaning service to find out how to eliminate these stain-causing agents.

Keep these eight tips in mind year-round to maintain beautiful sidewalks that make people want to walk through the doors of your business.

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