Nikola Valenti is Giving Free Jewelry to All New Customers

We stumbled onto this really interesting jewelry service called Nikola ValentiThey are pretty unique, because they give-away one piece of FREE Jewelry to all new customers. After that, it's essentially a well-priced Jewelry Subscription Service. You pay a small-to-modest fee, and each month, they send random pieces of crowd-favorite jewelry.

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Nikola Valenti is Giving Free Jewelry to All New Customers

Their free pieces appear to be quite charming, which are a white gold plated necklace, a sterling silver plated bracelet and a pair of white gold plated earrings. Basically, they send you a package for free, then you get to keep one of the pieces for free, and if you don't want the other piece, then you have to return it, and you won't be charged.

If you don't return it, though, then they charge the credit card on file, which you used to pay for a couple-bucks in shipping, or whatever.

The fees, for keeping the pieces, though, are pretty low.

It's only, like, $25, for the pieces that you don't return, and they are fairly transparent about how it all works, because it's all documented and explained, right there on their official homepage website.

Nikola Valenti has a CRAZY number of Great Reviews

If you look-up their reviews, Nikola Valenti also has an incomprehensible number of 4-5 star reviews on major social proof platforms, like TrustPilot, ShopperApproved, Mamma, and more.

It's pretty amazing, actually, because the numbers are in the tens-of-thousands, for positive feedback from customers.

All-in-all, jewelry can obviously be incredibly expensive, but you can get some pretty beautiful pieces for pretty cheap, if you're buying from the right places.

Nikola Valenti has created something very interesting, which I think allows the average person to accumulate a collection of attractive jewelry, expressing a sense of creativity and exploration, without being too frivolous with their finances.

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