4 Ways to Practice Self-Care At Home

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, many of us have been forced to hunker down at home. But even with restrictions slowly easing around the world, it doesn’t mean life is back to normal right away. Until the situation completely blows over, we’re all likely to be staying indoors for a while. Despite these seemingly bleak circumstances, it’s important to take time to practice self-care. After all, this is more than just a physical health crisis. As an article on the New York Times reveals, this difficult period is a mental health crisis too.

4 Ways to Practice Self-Care At Home
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That being said, you can maintain some semblance of control through little efforts of self-care. They don’t even have to be elaborate, and you’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make to your well-being. Here are some ideas.

Take a step back from social media

Social media is one of the best ways to stay updated with the news. However, this can be an addicting habit that’s hard to break. The Wall Street Journal defines this obsession with stressful news as “doom-scrolling,” and it’s often very counterproductive and bad for our mental health. 

For this reason, it’s important to step away from your screen every now and then, if only to get a breather from the negativity. It may take an active effort to get used to it at first, but you can start by at least making sure that your phone isn’t the first thing you see before bed and in the morning.

Nourish your body

It is easy to feel like everything is spiraling out of your reach, but one thing you will always have control over is your diet. While the physical benefits of eating right are undisputed, there’s more to nutrition than a fitter body. According to nutrition experts on Eat This Not Thatthere are numerous foods out there that can uplift your mood, like blueberry juice, whole grain bread, and eggs. 

Try to incorporate them into your meals for an easy pick-me-up. As an added boost, you can also try some supplements to support your body even more. PrettyMe's review of WrecOver recommends ingredients like Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, and Zinc, which are proven to cleanse your body of harmful toxins, enhance your immune system, and even support brain functions. It’s also a good way to get nutrients you may not get enough of from food.

Keep moving

Being at home means it’s tempting to stay sedentary and retreat to your couch for most of the day. However, the World Health Organization underscores how essential regular physical activity is. Not only can it help you manage your weight, but it also significantly decreases your chances of getting diabetes, various cancers, and numerous other diseases. And of course, the endorphin boost is always a welcome addition to one’s day. 

Fortunately, you’ll never run out of workouts at home—be it HIIT, mat pilates, or kickboxing. If you’re looking for something particularly for stress and anxiety relief, we previously suggested yoga here on Sunshine Kelly. The possibilities are endless. 

Start a new hobby

With more time on your hands, why not use it to do all those things you promised yourself you’d do but never got around to? Whether you’ve always wanted to read more books, start meditating, write a novel, or try cooking—there’s no better time than now to get started. 

It’s one way to tune out from the outside events and get lost in something you feel passionate about. Still, looking for an activity to try out? Vogue has a list of popular suggestions for you, such as indoor gardening and water coloring.

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