Why Crossbody Bags are a Must for Your Closet

Women need bags. Women’s clothing lacks the pockets of men’s. Above all else, a bag is a practical instrument to carry around life’s essentials. Have you ever tried fitting a phone, purse and keys into women’s pockets? Crossbody bags are increasingly in popularity. It is easy to see why.

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Why Crossbody Bags are a Must for Your Closet
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Crossbody bags are the most versatile bags on the market. There’s a crossbody bag for every outfit. Crossbody bags can look just as elegant as the traditional handbag but with all the convenience of going hands-free. Some Crossbody bags for ladies have removable shoulder straps to quickly switch from crossbody to handbag. They aren’t the average satchel.

Being hands-free is convenient, especially when out shopping. Managing a handbag with money, credit cards, phone and keys weighing it down and whatever else may be in there is just one more thing to worry about. Juggling it with multiple shopping bags and the handbag can easily get lost amongst them, or worse, mislaid in a shop. With a crossbody bag, there’s no more worry about where the handbag is amongst everything else. No more missing the essential phone call because while you can hear the phone ringing, you can’t find the bag. The crossbody bag is always in the same place unless adjusted to sit elsewhere on the hip.

A rucksack is a tempting hands-free option and even appropriate in some circumstances, but a rucksack sits on the back, out of sight. Pick-pockets are professionals. Victims report not even knowing when or where their purse was stolen because they didn’t notice a thing.

A crossbody bag only offers easy access for the wearer. In unsafe neighborhoods, the crossbody bag can be adjusted to sit under an arm or in the front of the body. There’s less chance of someone snatching it like what might happen with a traditional handbag. Handbags are targeted because they’re easy to run off with.

The weight of a crossbody bag is evenly distributed to both sides of the body. This saves the wearer from painful shoulders at the end of the day.

For any woman that has ever purchased men’s jeans for the pocket space, style and function don’t always go hand-in-hand. Ditch the men’s clothing and wear something better fitting with a crossbody bag. Nothing essential gets left behind while being hands-free. A crossbody bag makes a statement. The wearer isn’t going to sacrifice style for function.

The primary purpose of a bag is its function. Women need to carry around so many items with them everywhere. Purses, phones and keys aren’t designed to be small. They don’t fit in dainty women’s pockets if there even are pockets. Crossbody bags are some of the most functional bags on the market. They aren’t too small or too large. They can double as a night bag for women who are always on the go.

Update the wardrobe this season with a crossbody bag.

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