Do You Know About True Botanicals Skincare Products

The best thing about using botanical skincare is their edge of no side-effects like the chemically composed skincare products. The results from botanical skincare may be slow but steady and effective. The skincare products industry today is using many synthetic ingredients that are affordable but not recommended in the long run, especially for sensitive skin.

Do You Know About True Botanicals Skincare Products
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The fact is, the concentrations of organic plants are less reactive and more effective as compared to synthetic agents. Discover about true botanical skincare/products, more info here.

What are botanical skincare products?

Skincare products that consist of botanical extracts of bark, roots, leave, or flowers are covered under botanical skincare. A special solvent is used to dissolve the components of plant parts to free up some natural ingredients. To produce a powder form of extracts, the liquid extracts are further separated.

These extracts are then finally dissolved into cosmetic or skincare products. With the topical application of botanical skincare products, you can reap the benefits.

Here are the botanical ingredients which make botanical skincare products useful:

As we know, chamomile tea is highly beneficial before going to bed; the health benefits of Chamomile are incredible. Chamomile is known for its calming properties and help with its anti-inflammatory properties. If you have sensitive skin, Chamomile botanicals are best to use. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Chamomile can even heal minor wounds in your body.

Being the first flower used for distilling essential oil, the high inflammatory properties of rose make it an ideal ingredient for botanical skincare products to soothe your skin. Besides carrying power antioxidants, it is high on Vitamin C. It is naturally fragrant and relaxing. So, next time you look for a natural moisturizer, look for botanical skincare with rose essentials.

The impressive credential of lavender makes it a popular choice among various botanical skincare products. This purple-headed beauty is beneficial in soothing sleep, stress, and anxiety. It treats skin problems like acne and eczema well. Many skin care products, including bath gels and lotions, are formulated using dried flowers and essential oils.

Marigolds are the native of Mediterranean and Western Europe, which are useful in protecting the skin against cell-damaging free radicals. Dry skin, nappy rash, eczema, dermatitis, acne, and insect bite are some of the common issues which can be resolved using the Calendula botanical products. It efficiently stimulates the collagen production to brighten up your skin naturally.

Do you know lavender essential oil is beneficial in various hair woes and promotes your hair growth?

Tea tree oil
The presence of terpinen-4-ol makes it practical for antimicrobial activity. It is useful in killing acne-bacteria on its topical application. With much lesser side effects, it is an impressive replacement of benzoyl peroxide. It is equally helpful for non-inflamed and inflamed acne lesions. 

Benefits of botanicals
● Most of the botanical skincare products offer protection against free radicals
 The concentrated form of extracts leads to minimal usage
 Most of the products have almost no side effects

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