In the Name of Beauty: 6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Beauty Treatment

Everyone knows, no one is perfect. That being said, everyone also has one or two (or more) physical attributes about themselves they don't like and would change in an instant. From thinning hair to having a wide nose, not everybody is totally in love with their physical appearance.

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An individual can do years of work to change their attitude about their physical looks, and still, have several bad feelings about their appearance. If given the opportunity, some of these people would change what they could about their physical looks. You can get a nose job from a top Rhinoplasty surgeon to implants for hair, the choice to change is always up to you.

Below are 6 things to look for when choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon:

1. Certification
You will want to seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon to do any possible reconstructive procedures on your face or body. A perspective surgeon with this type of certification will be assured to have the specific training and knowledge to do what you want to be done to your body. Keeping current on certifications is an important part of helping their patients to receive the best care that can possibly be obtained.

2. References
You will want to obtain and verify the surgeon’s preferences. It is not enough to simply get a list of former clients, you will want to contact these patients to see if they are satisfied with their procedures and treatment from a particular surgeon. Be sure to ask questions about the surgeon and their staff in terms of treatment and compassion during the entire experience. 

3. Before and After Photos
This is important not only for a reference to the surgeon’s work but to ensure that this doctor is in line with what your visions for your new look are aligned. You may think you want a dramatic change; however, sometimes a subtle change is all that's needed.

4. Free Initial Consultation
A professional and compassionate surgeon will give you an initial consultation for free. It may be short or if they charge you for one, they will apply the fee for your procedure. First impressions matter and doctors know this. You want a professional who will tell you the truth, no simply what you want to hear. If the surgeon cannot do your preferred procedure, they will tell you and not try to talk you into something else.

5. Hospital Affiliation
The surgeon will most likely have their own outpatient facility, but they should also have permission at a reputable hospital in case anything were to go wrong with your surgery. It is important that if the need arises, you can be transferred to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

6. Follow-up Care
You will want a surgeon that offers exceptional follow-up care. You do not want a surgeon that only does the procedure and then leaves you to their staff for follow-ups. Even if you are doing well and only need your stitches removed, or a cursory checkup, you will want the surgeon to follow through with all aspects of your procedure.
It is your body you are entrusting to a surgeon, you will want to make absolutely sure they are qualified for the job, as well as a caring individual.

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