Keeping the Cold Out: Efficient Ways to Warm Your House

It can get really cold at home during the winter so knowing little tips and tricks to keep the cold air out and keep the warm air in can help you stay warm. The biggest issue with trying to keep your house warm is trying to do it without breaking the bank on a new heating system. Learning about the other methods that can keep your house warm can save you a ton of money on your electricity bill as heating requires a lot of energy.

Keeping the Cold Out, Efficient Ways to Warm Your House, Home, home decor, lifestyle
Keeping the Cold Out: Efficient Ways to Warm Your House
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Using the sun’s light can help you warm your house every morning by simply opening up your curtains when the sun’s up. This can bring in a lot of warmth to you and your house in the morning, as long as you make sure that you close the curtains when the sun starts to set so you can trap the warmth in after it’s gone. This can help you cut down on a lot of electricity bills too as heating takes up the vast majority of the energy used around the house during winter.

Don’t Block the Heat with Furniture
Your heating system might be a lot stronger than you think as it’s very common to find furniture blocking vents in many households. Making sure that you clear the path of the heat so it doesn’t get absorbed by your furniture instead of by the people in your house can greatly improve your heating around the house. You can do this easily by spotting where your vents are and moving your furniture parallel to where the heat comes from.

Trap the Warm Air Inside
Once you’ve got that precious warm air inside your house, you don’t want it escaping out of your house through any small opening like a window or your mail slot so making sure they’re all sealed shut can help you maintain the cold out and the heat in. You could also close the doors of the rooms around the house to concentrate the heat around the room you’re in rather than the whole house if you’re going to be sitting in one room anyway.

Use Your Fireplace
Your fireplace will warm up a single room very nicely, but it won’t warm up your whole house, so use it whenever you plan on sitting there the whole night. You can opt for electric wall fireplaces if you’re not fond of burning wood. 

But if you do, the people behind Buy Firewood Direct suggests that you should try different types of wood to use as some wood like oak burns for a much longer time than other types of firewood available. 

Keeping the Cold Out, Efficient Ways to Warm Your House, Home, home decor, lifestyle
Use Your Fireplace
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Decorate Your Floors With Some Rugs
The floors can be the coldest part of your house, especially if you’re walking around barefoot. Setting up wool floor rugs in the places you walk the most can help you keep your feet warm during the cold winter months. This also helps you decorate with some new items to give it a nice and cheap makeover. 

Learn How to Bake
Finally getting around to picking up baking as a hobby during winter can be a very efficient way to keep your house warm, as having the oven on can warm up the kitchen and the rooms next to it. There’s also the lovely smell of oven-baked cookies coursing through the house and the delicious feeling of eating them while they’re still hot that adds to the cozy experience of a warm winter, especially during Christmas time.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat
Programmable thermostats aren’t that expensive and when you look at the amount of money they save you in the long-run, you’ll realize that they save you a lot more than they cost. You can use these thermostats to control the temperature at different times of the day to suit your lifestyle perfectly. 

You can set it to warmer temperatures when you’re going to bed and when you’re getting up, and a little bit cooler when you’re just working around the house. Chipping off anything from the electricity bill during the winter is always welcome, so check some reviews online to find the best programmable thermostat for you.

Another option is purchasing energy-efficient radiators, which are great as they keep your house warm enough and minimize the cost at the same time. For example, radiators from BestElectricRadiators are one of the choices to go for as they can be controlled remotely letting you switch on/off anytime you want from anywhere you want. In addition, you can heat only the rooms that you want, while switch off the heating of the rooms that you do not want to heat at that period of time. 

Change the Filters in the Vents
This little tip can strengthen the heat around your house a lot more by simply swapping out your old air filters for some new ones. This is generally very cheap to do and the difference between a new filter and an old clogged one is huge. Doing this a few weeks before it gets really cold can help you get prepared ahead of time for the upcoming winter. Doing this can also help you save on energy costs as the older your filters are, the more likely it is that you’ll need to increase the temperature to warm yourself up.

Warm Yourself Up
Sometimes, it’s more efficient to warm yourself up at home by wearing thicker layers and swapping out your blankets for a heavier one. You could easily get warmer through making yourself a hot drink while you’re watching TV on your couch, so look for any way to get warmer by changing little things up around your house. 

This way, you won’t have to crank that thermostat to the warmest possible temperature or light up your fireplace as you’ll be taking the right precautions to stay warm without highly depending on them.

Every household is going to have to implement a different method of warming up if they want to achieve efficiency in doing it, as different things like the materials the house is constructed from can greatly impact how warm or cold it is during the colder months of the year. 

Determining which method you should implement is up to what you think you’re going to benefit from the most. Some of these tips are very easy to implement while also being completely free, so capitalize on them as much as you can.

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