How to Boost Muscle Recovery After a Tough Workout

Muscle recovery is one of the most important parts of working out, but it often goes overlooked. You may take the time to warm up before a workout, and cool down afterward, but you need to give your muscles more if they are going to repair themselves and be ready for your next session.

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How to Boost Muscle Recovery After a Tough Workout
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As your muscles repair themselves, they strengthen, but you need to give them the time and fuel they need to recover before you work them out again. This is why it is always best to vary your workouts and never train any muscle group two days in a row to avoid injury.

Replenish Your Fluids
Our bodies run on water - it is one of its most essential fuels and vital to our body’s temperature control system. They also help our muscles to repair, and if you suffer from muscle cramps after workouts, this is a sign you aren’t staying hydrated.

Eat for Your Muscles
Your diet is an important part of any healthy regime, but if you are giving your muscles a regular workout, then you need to focus your diet toward muscle gain and repair. Your meals should include high-quality meat or vegetable proteins, and some complex carbohydrates and you should try to eat within 60 mins from finishing your workout to give your muscles what they need when they need it.

Get Better Rest
Rest, relaxation and sleep are important parts of muscle recovery. If your muscles don’t get time to relax and repair themselves, you will never get the gains you are working so hard for.

You might spend hundreds a month, or thousands a year, on health foods, workout equipment, and gym memberships, but when was the last time you spent a little on sleep? Get yourself a better mattress that will help you get the rest you need to recover. If you need a new one you should see this review from LA Weekly of some of the best made and best value mattresses available today.

Stretch Yourself
Warm-ups and cool-downs aren't enough for muscles. If you want to keep them in their best condition and give yourself the best possible muscle recovery, then you should incorporate some Yoga into your health and fitness regime.

Yoga poses and positions can often help stretch muscles that regular stretches can’t reach. People who go through tough workouts and use Yoga often see greatly reduced recovery times, less cramping and discomfort, as well as finding an inner relaxation and peace that helps them maintain better focus when they do work out in the gym.

Book a Regular Massage
Feeling aches and pains in muscles is common for all kinds of people, especially people who are putting their bodies through a tough workout regime. The best solution to this is a regular massage appointment. It doesn’t have to be every week, but at least once a month, and you will feel the difference in your stamina and muscle recovery.

Some of the world’s most successful athletes use daily massage to help them stay at the top of their profession, and in a wide range of sporting disciplines too. From track athletes to boxers, to MMA fighters and soccer players, massage has become a popular way to aid muscle recovery and regain peak fitness and ability after a tough workout session.

The most important thing to do when you are working out, and recovering from one, is to listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs, and if it needs more rest or help to recover you will feel it in the ache of your muscles and from cramping. You can help your muscles recover quickly, and with less discomfort, if you follow a few of our steps above.

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