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I never thought I’d feel so old when I was only in my 20’s. It started to worry me when I had lower backaches. I needed to take pain medications so I could function. There was also a time that I had too many complaints, but all medical test results turned out well. It was only when I got diagnosed with secondary infertility that I realized that my stress level was no longer normal.

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This was Joan’s story. And I’m glad that her story continued with a positive note. She reclaimed her life by managing her stress better. And now she feels even younger at her 30’s. What worked for her is having a reliable support system that pushed her to be healthy and beautiful. Being working mothers, our nemesis has always been stress and parental guilt. And so it is essential to find a support system that understands our struggles. 

MummyJene Blog

Jene See is the working mother behind MummyJene blog. She started it in 2020, which grew up fast as a place to find work-life balance ideas. It is also a hangout for career mothers to find health and beauty resources. Her mission is to make your life as a working mother a little bit easier.

According to VeryWell Mind, social support minimizes stress and improves health. It says that social support can either be emotional, informational, tangible or belonging. That said, MummyJene blog is an effective informational support system. It provides useful advice and personal experiences.

There are a lot of wonderful blogs on the internet today, but finding the right blog to fit your needs is a bit tricky. I hand-picked MummyJene because of her mission to support work-life balance. She also has content on health and beauty, which is an important factor in achieving the holistic wellbeing of a working mother.

Among her popular posts includes:
 How COVID Effecting Children’s Mental Health
• Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

But my favorite posts are the following:
 Must-see Travel Destinations In Kuala Lumpur
• Do Beautiful Women Get Unfair Advantages In The Workplace?
• 妇的时间管理攻略!妈妈们才不闲呢~

Working mothers are always limited by time. Sometimes, even taking care of themselves feels selfish. But it shouldn’t be. And that is the very reason why you need to find social support among working mother peers. Who can better support you than those who have been there just like you? And among those peers who are willing to always cheer on you is MummyJene.

MummyJene is dedicated to giving you the best of healthy lifestyle tips to ensure that you stay healthy. Beauty tips and secrets are specially curated to fit a busy working mother like you.


  1. Great inspiring post. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Great inspiring post. Thanks for sharing this post.


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