Women Mystery Boxes on DrakeMall: What are They and How They Work?

Everybody likes to receive gifts, even though if they’re not from your friends or relatives, but some kind of online service. That’s exactly how “mystery box”-thing is working. By definition, mystery boxes for women are not new to the internet users.

Women Mystery Boxes on DrakeMall: What are They and How They Work?

Almost everywhere you can order surprise boxes containing cosmetics, clothing, accessories or electronics from huge amount of providers. For example, such services have been provided from long ago by eBay. Also, girly mystery boxes are offered by other well-known online retailers as: 
  • Shopee in Malaysia and Singapore (you can find them with “Kotak Misteri” query, as an example);
  • Lazada;
  • Amazon;
  • Etsy;
  • BirchBox;
  • other branded boxes from Sephora, Pandora or Victoria Secret. 

Nevertheless, girls' mystery boxes by DrakeMall are considered to be the most unexpected and profitable ones. Continue with this article in order to find out how to win expensive prizes for women on DrakeMall.

What is DrakeMall? - a short review                                           
Basically, DrakeMall is an online platform (mystery box marketplace) that allows internet users to do so-called mystery shopping. A person creates an account on DrakeMall, makes a deposit from her/his credit card (or by using other payment methods available on the website, including Malaysian banks) and for a small sum can open a mystery box online that hides a range of prizes. The prize is defined randomly and can be either cheap or very expensive as: 
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max and other Apple gadgets;
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and other Samsung products;
  • Items whose price goes up to 10000 US dollars. 

Of course, the official platform is available for adults only (no teenager is allowed to create an account on DrakeMall; if he/she does pass the registration process, after the verification the account will be deleted with no possible recovery).

Also, it is important to mention such features as Mystery Battles and King of the Box. First lets you to open surprise boxes with other users on-line - if you win prizes for biggest sum you’ll get all prizes (including ones from other users!). Second feature - King of the Box - it’s some kind of sweepstake that being held every week, where users winning guaranteed prizes. If you’re looking for more information, please visit the official webpage.

Honey Bunny and Beauty mystery boxes - best offers for trendy girls                             

When it comes to loot boxes for girls, the prizes range is completely different. DrakeMall offers such girls surprise boxes as Honey Bunny Box and mystery Beauty Box. Let’s check them out in more details.

1. Honey Bunny Box - a women mystery box for under 5$. By opening the box, you can win perfumes (Chanel), laptops (MacBook Air Gold, Acer Swift 7), smartphones (iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xr Red, etc), wrist watches and smart watches (Michael Kors Access Runway, FitBit Versa), bracelets, accessories and many-many other items; 

2. Beauty Box - a mystery beauty box that costs slightly higher than 2$. For this small amount of money, a user gets a chance to win items related to makeup and personal care: perfumes (Coco Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tiffany & Co, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, etc), Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Panasonic Facial Steamer and others. With a beauty surprise box by DrakeMall, It has never been so cheap to buy self care product online! 

For geeky girls there are also such mysterious boxes such Funko Pop Box and Anime Box, where you can find cool Funko figures like Baby Yoda, Pikachu, Harley Quinn and anime-related prizes like anime and manga box sets (Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Ball, One Piece, etc), games, consoles and collectibles!

Sound pretty cool, but is DrakeMall true? Let’s see is it delivering winnings to their users or not.

Delivering winnings to your door: is it real?                                          

After the box openings, a user has to order a delivery of the items he/she has won. It is important to underline that the delivery is not free - in order to prevent spamming with the delivery of cheap items, the platform imposed a delivery fee that depends on the cost/weight of the goods to deliver. 

What about the logistics, DrakeMall is more active in Asia (Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore) than elsewhere, but still, the delivery to European countries, Australia and the US is possible. More information on this subject, as well as refunds and returns policy, can be found on the official webpage.

To make you 100% sure that girls surprise boxes on DrakeMall are real and reliable, we offer you a few pictures posted on the internet by the users. 

Arlen on her Instagram account posted a photo of a brand new iPhone she had got as a gift from iPhone mystery box on DrakeMall. 

Baskinginthesunn, in her turn, managed to win Airpods for a very good price. Check out the photo from her Instagram page!

By the way, you can earn money even on unboxing your gifts! Make a small video of you unboxing the delivered goods or make a photo of the items, post it on the internet (Unboxings page on the official DrakeMall website, Facebook, Instagram, etc) and get full return of a delivery fee!

Instead of the conclusion: Why DrakeMall is popular in Asia?

DrakeMall is profitable, absolutely legit and, what’s the most important - fun service. Other advantages are: 

1. Huge amount of mystery boxes types;
2. Expensive prizes;
3. Quick delivery;
4. Highly functional and user-friendly website;
5. Numerous payment methods: credit cards (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard), PayPal, Skinpay, etc.

With DrakeMall, shopping is an exciting process so do not miss this great opportunity and create a free account on this web platform now!


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