How to Look After Your Home When You Have Pets

Looking after your home can be more difficult when you have pets, especially if you are adopting a puppy or kitten, or own an unruly or cheeky animal. Although pets can bring joy to your life, they can be a nightmare for your home, destroying your furniture and leaving your living space at risk of pests and disease.

To ensure that your home and pets can live in peace, read on for some top tips to ensuring a smooth co-existence.

Hire a Pest Control Service 
Dogs and cats can bring many pests into your home from outdoors, even if they have been medicated against this. Two of the common pests that can spread inside your home include fleas and ticks. 

Not only can ticks cause Lyme disease and transfer from animals to humans, but anyone that has ever been bitten by a flea knows how much irritation it can cause, and flea bites can also become infected. However, it is difficult to remove pests from your home, and they can hide inside your soft furnishings and carpets.

To ensure that you have removed them entirely, click here for more information about local pest control services in your area.

Create a Pet Zone 
To prevent dirt and muddy paws from spreading around your whole house, you should consider establishing a pet zone where your pets can wander around on their muddy paws in peace. You can also use this space to store all of your pet’s necessities, such as toys, food bowls, and beds to ensure that they do not create clutter in your own rooms. Pet zones can also be beneficial for your pets by giving them a space to relax away from their humans.

Install Pet-Friendly Furnishings 
Your furniture is likely to be one of the first victims of your new pet, with bites and scratches soon appearing on your tables, chairs, and sofas. Not only this, but stains, dirt and fur will often be found scattered on your furniture. To prevent this from happening, you should consider protective measures such as draping throw blankets and tablecloths across your treasured furniture.

You can also use plastic corner protectors to guard against cat claws. You should also choose the material of your pet furnishings wisely, and choose fabrics such as leather, which are easy to wash.

In terms of flooring and your walls, you should try and install options that are easy to wipe down, such as wooden, tiled or laminate flooring and gloss paint.

Clean Often 
You should also clean more often when you have pets to clear bacteria and grime off your flooring and furniture. Some of the best cleaning tips when you have pets include using steam to clean your rooms, using vacuums to get rid of hair and other debris, and using hot water and disinfectant to mop your floors. 

However, you should always make sure that the cleaning products that you use are suitable for pet-friendly homes, as many chemicals are toxic to your animals.

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