5 Simple Engagement Rings If Classic Is Not Really Your Type

Engagement is a beautiful moment to celebrate in anyone's life - that moment when you get down on one knee and ask the hand of your beloved one for a lifetime. These moments are something that a person lives for. That smile on her face and that glow when she will blush and say a low, coy "Yes". And the engagement ring is a beautiful seal to the deal. It is a shining reminder of a beautiful, life-long commitment and needs to be equally gorgeous.

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5 Simple Engagement Rings If Classic Is Not Really Your Type 

This article will be talking you through the simplest engagement rings if your darling is not really a fan of classic rings. Love will flourish when you find your choice among these rings.

1. Cluster
The cluster ring is a design for people with the most beautiful taste in non-classic diamond rings. These rings are also known as illusion rings because they are not composed of single diamonds but an assortment of small stones that make a specific geometric pattern. The cluster rings are designed in such a manner that the brilliance of the stones is expressed without blowing off your budget plans. The cluster can be an asymmetric one to complement your modern preferences.

2. Pave
The pave diamond setting of an engagement ring can make the ring a real personalized version of your choice. The ring comprises a single stone with smaller diamonds paved on the band to make it look like it is made out of diamonds as well. The dainty feminine look which is achieved with this blind of the ring is very adorable.

3. Halo
The halo ring is the best design if you want your ring to be simple yet elegant. The halo ring can be designed by moissanite ring NYC pattern. The giant moissanite stone can be placed in between which will be surrounded by tiny diamonds like a hallo. The bright sparkle will brighten up the face of your fiance the moment you get down on your knees and ask for her hand.

4. Split Shank Ring
The split shank ring will be a real simple piece of the beautiful engagement ring. A single diamond solitaire sits at the top and the specialty lies in the band. Made out of platinum or gold, the band is split up near the solitaire like a branch and is embedded with diamonds. The ring looks simple and gorgeous.

5. Three-Stone Ring
The three-stone ring is a beautiful trilogy of a ring. The center stone can be a diamond that can be surrounded by other colored stones. The trilogy will provide your sweetheart's finger with a particular beauty that can be matched only with her smile.

The rings which we have presented to you above will make your special day even more special. None of these will be above your budget and can be perfect for your soulmate. Engagements are special events. They must be cherished with material remembrances which will last for a lifetime. Buy your ring with care after knowing the preferences of your fiancee. Purchase the prettiest one for her.

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