McDonald's Ramadan Menu 2020

Lapar-lah! I’m craving for Ayam Goreng McD and Nasi Lemak McD, how about you? Hey! you know, now I can enjoy my Ayam Goreng McD with a delicious Sweet and Spicy. And I’m dying to try their all-new Chocolate Banana Pie and Strawberry Custard Pie. Let’s stay at home and order McDelivery!

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McDonald's Ramadan Menu 2020

Recently McDonald’s Malaysia launched it Ramadan Menu 2020 which includes the new Crispy Fish Foldover and Ayam Goreng McD with Sweet and Spicy Sauce. Throughout the month, fish lovers will have the option of enjoying the Crispy Fish Foldover – with a crispy golden fish patty, topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and slivered onions with a dash of special sauce all wrapped up in a warm toasted flatbread. Served with French Fries and Iced Lemon Tea, it will prove to be a hearty and satisfying meal for buka puasa.

On top of that, the all-time favourite Grilled Chicken Foldover is making a tasty comeback. The all-time favourite Nasi Lemak McD will complete the Ramadan spread, as it satisfies cravings not just for those fasting but that of every Malaysian.

You can sweeten your buka puasa with McDonalds’ wide range of new desserts and coffee flavours this Ramadan. The Banana Chocolate Pie is a new addition, with the combination of both tasty chocolate and aromatic banana filling set in a crispy chocolate crust.

Coffee lovers will not be disappointed, as McCafe will be introducing new Kurma drinks with real Kurma extract, which are perfect to be enjoyed throughout Ramadan: Iced Kurma, Iced Kurma Latte, and Iced Kurma Milk.

The Grilled Chicken Foldover and Crispy Fish Foldover are each available at RM16.99, complete with medium French Fries and medium Iced Lemon Tea. The 2-piece set for Ayam Goreng McD with Sweet and Spicy sauce is available at RM15.49, while the 3-piece set is available at RM20.24. Meanwhile, the Nasi Lemak McD set with 1 piece of Ayam Goreng McD is priced at RM12.99, and the 2-piece set is priced at RM15.99.

The Grilled Chicken Foldover and Crispy Fish Foldover are both available now for a limited time only, while the Ayam Goreng McD with Sweet and Spicy Sauce will be available starting 24th April. These menu items will be available for takeaway at selected McDonald’s restaurants, as well as Drive-Thru and McDelivery service.

McDonald’s Enhanced Safety Measures During MCO

During this MCO period, McDonald’s Malaysia has increased its food safety and hygiene measures to ensure the health and well-being of its People and Customers. This included rolling out its Contactless and Cashless system for its McDelivery service.

For delivery riders, they must adhere to these precautionary measures when delivering food to customers:
• They are required to wear masks and gloves before entering McDonald’s premises
• They are required to sanitise their hands
• Riders must undergo a temperature check outside the restaurant every day
• A crew member will be assigned to sanitise and clean the delivery bags of each rider before the food is packed into their respective bags
• Separate pick-up points for McDelivery Service (MDS) riders and those from Grab Food and Food Panda riders in McDonald’s restaurants

With McDonald’s contactless delivery service, additional safety measures and enhanced social distancing practices have been put in place, such as:
• Take-away bags are sealed, with the rider’s and crew’s temperature reading plastered on the bag
• Rider will contact customer once they have arrived at delivery spot
• Rider will drop off food at an agreed safe spot

At the restaurant level, McDonald’s Malaysia has ensured that high standards of food safety and cleanliness are adhered to. After closing hours, each restaurant will assign a Manager and 4 crew members to carry out detailed cleaning of the store. 

This covers areas such as the kitchen, Drive-Thru lane, dining area, and storage areas. Crew members are also required to wear face masks and gloves at all times. This includes crew members who are assigned to carry out temperature checks of guests and delivery riders.

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