Finding the Right Diet for Your 4-Legged Friend: 6 Pros and Cons of Dry Dog Food

When it comes to feeding your best friend, you want them to have the best. Besides feeding your pup a raw diet, or a homemade menu of all the good fresh food their body needs, dry kibble is one of the biggest, most convenient options available today.

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Many dog owners do not have the time or the money to feed their beloved pets a homemade diet, can dogs eat pineapple. There are pros and cons to dry dog food, but with a little investigating and label reading, you can locate the best dry dog food for your dog's dietary needs. For more additional information on what to feed your dog be sure to visit

Pros for Feeding Dry Dog Food:

1. Convenience - this is perhaps the biggest reason families feed their dog dry dog food, it is convenient.

2. Easy - again, this is a good reason people will give their dog dry food, it is the easiest way for the dog to get the nutrients it needs.

3. Storage - unlike food you purchase for your family, dry dog food is easy to store. An airtight container is all that is needed, no refrigeration or freezing required.

4. No Preparation - the dry dog food comes in a bag and all you have to do is pour it into a dish for your dog to enjoy.

5. Variety of Flavors - dry dog food is available in a multitude of flavors. There is one that even the most finicky dog will enjoy.

6. Cost-Effective - this is the number one reason families choose to feed dry dog food, it is less expensive than other options.

Cons for Feeding Dry Dog Food:

1. Unknown Ingredients - many dry dog food manufacturers use meat and grain sources which are not widely known. These "fillers" are often listed under various names and can be confusing as well as dangerous to your dog.

2. Safety Practices - you will need to trust the makers and manufacturers of the dry dog food to use safe creation practices. There have been several recalls of dry dog food in the past several years due to Listeria contamination and that is a scary thought for dog parents.

3. Carb-Heavy - the majority of dry dog food is carb-heavy and this will contribute to an unhealthy dog. Obesity in dogs is a growing problem due to the abundance of dry dog food that is unhealthy.

4. Expires - dry dog food will expire and just like human food, it is important to adhere to the dates. You do not want your pup to become sick because of expired dog food.

5. Can Become Contaminated - if you store your dry dog food in the garage or shed, it can become contaminated when mice or insects chow down on the bag of food. Mice can even chew threw plastic containers.

6. Costly - if you have a large dog, the larger bags of dry dog food can be costly, not to mention heavy to haul home from the store.

There are pros and cons to every type of dog food. To ensure your dog is fed properly and with healthy food, you must be diligent in your quest for good dog food.

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