Safe Solution for A Newfound Confidence with Algeness

Hey! What are your main skin concerns after your 30s? Well, as age is catching up, wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of facial volume are inevitable. Today I’m going to share how we can reduce these signs of aging besides embracing healthy lifestyles and eating habits. Today I’m going to share my experience about a safe solution for my newfound confidence with Algeness.

Safe Solution for A Newfound Confidence with Algeness

I was introduced to Algeness during my second consultation with Dr. Alice Prethima Michael at Ageless Medispa a few weeks ago. This round my concerns are my deep smile lines or nasolabial folds, and my nose bridge. Well, I’m not so satisfied with my nose appearance, and the nasolabial folds make me look haggard and sad. I wish I could do something to improve these but I’m afraid of surgery, and at the same time, I’m looking for immediate results with minimal downtime.

With Dr. Alice Prethima Michael at Ageless Medispa, Kuala Lumpur

I’m sure all of us wish to have youthful looks and features, while still having our safety be a priority. Before we decide on any treatment, we should always do our research, go for safe solutions and natural biocompatible products, that are free from chemicals and solvents.

Here is the solution, Algeness is perfect for those 28 years and above who are looking to add youth to their features, seeking a natural, chemical-free option that produces immediate results. Algeness dermal filler is the culmination of 10 years of scientific and clinical research. It’s the first of its kind and is intended for all patients seeking high quality, non-allergenic safe dermal facial injections.

Algeness 100% natural and biodegradable dermal filler
What is Algeness?
Algeness is a breakthrough in the medical aesthetic industry and a better, safer alternative to hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, setting the new benchmark for sub-dermal fillers.

100% natural and biodegradable, Algeness is made from a highly purified agarose gel derived from red algae. Algeness is also non-allergenic, and biocompatible with the human body, providing volumizing and youthful effects without needing any added chemicals, solvents or cross-linked agents.

Basically, the whole procedure took about an hour including the consultation, waiting time for the numbing cream to take effect and the Algeness filler injection. Here are the steps.

Before Algeness Treatment
1. During the consultation, Dr Alice explains about the product, concept of corrections and I shared about my desired enhancements. We identified the areas for enhancements and mapped it.

Mapping the Concern Areas Before Algeness Treatment

2. The medical assistant took front and side pictures of my face, then she cleaned the injection sites with an antibacterial agent.

3. Numbing cream is applied to the area of concerns, with a waiting time of about 30 minutes.

During Algeness Treatment

4. Dr Alice then proceeded with the Algeness filler injection. During this procedure the concern areas were numbed but I felt some sensation. The nasolabial folds areas were alright for me, however I felt more sensation on my nose bridge areas. My nose is slightly more sensitive, but it was still tolerable.

Immediately After Algeness Treatment

5. After the procedure, soothing cream (Arnica and Vitamin K) was applied to the treated area.

Immediately After Algeness Treatment

As you can see, immediately after the procedure there are mild swelling, redness, bruises, and tenderness at the injection sites. When I reached home, I used a cooling gel pad to reduce the swelling, and redness. After 2 days the swelling, and redness were gone. I can even go out as usual.

2 Days After Algeness Treatment

1 Month After Algeness Treatment

After the treatment, my nasolabial folds are not as deep and long as before. Immediately I don’t look haggard or sad like before. As for my nose, Dr Alice makes the enhancement look very natural without overdoing it. Overall, I am happy with the results because I still look like me but a younger looking me.

The benefits of Algeness

The benefits of Algeness
• 100% natural
• Chemical free
• Unique volumiser with immediate results
• Long lasting results (over 12 months)
• Minimal irritation & inflammation
• Extremely low migration out of injection site
• Excellent shaping capabilities for a more defined youthful appearance
• Ideal injectable implant for non-surgical face lifting and contouring
• For the undereye, the skin around the eye is strengthened to prevent wrinkles

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