What is NAPLAN and How Do You Prepare Your Kids for It?

NAPLAN stands for the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy, but more than this definition, it has become synonymous with the Australian education system, especially over the last decade. This is a yearly test held for students in the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th years, and it covers numeracy, punctuation, grammar, spelling, writing, and reading.

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What is NAPLAN and How Do You Prepare Your Kids for It?

Though there is no pass or fail in this test, the result aims to gauge the performance level of students compared to their national peers. Parents who want their kids to do well in these annual tests augment their child’s learning through NAPLAN tutoring. This test is run by the Education Council but managed by The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Why invest in hiring NAPLAN tutors?

NAPLAN tutors know precisely which area to focus on when preparing your kids for the NAPLAN test. They also know the appropriate and effective strategies to

Here are some activities these NAPLAN tutors can do to help prepare your kids for these annual tests.

Practice through rapid writing sessions

During the writing part of the NAPLAN test, students are given a writing prompt, and they have 40 minutes to complete a narrative or persuasive writing piece. Most test-takers struggle with the time limit. The 40-minute time frame stresses them out, especially those who struggle to understand what genre they need to write about.

To deal with this issue, NAPLAN tutors train your child to write coherently even under time pressure. By including “rapid writing” tests into his daily study routine, they can help the child think fast, organise his ideas quickly, and write the same under time pressure. With the use of a timer, the NAPLAN tutor can keep track of your child’s pace and give constructive feedback after each writing session.

To keep the student from being confused about the writing genre, they could teach him ahead of time. They will typically focus on the following - language elements, narrative, and persuasive writing structures.

Train for the numeracy test one math problem a day

Not all NAPLAN test preparations are done in a test condition. If you subscribed to a particular NAPLAN tutoring program for your child, they could include daily math problems in the tutoring program. These tests can be done as a class or within small groups. The tutors usually use Problem Solving Mats to check how their learners worked out each math problem.

Testing vocabulary through effective comprehension strategies

To prepare your kids for the reading element of the NAPLAN test, their tutors will teach them more than just decoding the words and texts on a page. They will also test their vocabulary and if they can infer information from words of texts. They will also explicitly teach your child comprehension strategies to make the most sense of the NAPLAN test.

The Takeaway

These are a few of the things a NAPLAN tutor can do to keep your child prepared for the test. In fact, they offer coaching and tutoring sessions for all aspects of the exam. The even better advantage is that their coaching plan is personalized to the needs and learning curb of every individual learner. Investing in your child’s literacy is an investment you make for their future.

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