5 Most Common Injuries to Happen on Vacation

Vacations should be the most relaxing time for us all, but, unfortunately, illness and accidents can still happen. We have compiled a list of the most common events that can cause a holiday to go wrong, resulting in everything from derailing a trip to even hospitalization. It might mean that you need to find a personal injury lawyer in Toronto Canada, Ottawa, or elsewhere.

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5 Most Common Injuries to Happen on Vacation

Whatever the situation you may be faced with, it is best to be prepared for every eventuality before you embark upon a trip. Knowing what might lie ahead can help you be armed with steps to take straight away should you find yourself in an unfortunate position.

Slips, trips, and falls
It is likely that we are rushing around a lot more than usual when traveling as we try to find our way or to get where we need to be. On top of this pressure, we will be navigating our way through unfamiliar places and potentially slippy areas, such as hotel lobbies and train stations, where there might be a lot of heavy traffic and risk factors such as rainfall and wet feet.

Therefore, it is more likely that we are likely to suffer a slip, trip, or fall while on vacation, so it is worth being mindful of this and taking care to wear sensible footwear and watch out for obstructions.

Driving accidents
Accidents can commonly occur when driving on unfamiliar roads while in a rented car that is different from what you are used to it. However, you are also likely to have more distractions, perhaps with excited family or friends in the car or maybe because you are rushing to get to your destination so driving faster than usual, or it could be because the roads are busier than you are used to.

It is worth mentioning, however, that you could also experience a driving accident while on a bicycle, motorbike, or boat as well as a car while vacationing. All of these incidents can also result in injury that can seriously impact your stay.

Food poisoning
When we are away on vacation, we are usually in a rush to grab something quick to eat and, so, we just pop into whichever restaurant or deli we like the look of and take a chance. We might also, be more adventurous than usual - or, simply, just not used to foreign bacteria that locals build up a resistance to.

This makes it easier for food poisoning to be one of the leading causes of illness on vacation, however, if you can, you should try to ask your accommodation or any locals for their recommendations so that you avoid any eateries with poor hygiene as much as possible.

Sports activities
It is perfectly natural that while we are away, our sense of adventure takes over and we decide to turn our hand to sports we’ve never tried before. However, it is worth being mindful that you should always seek the advice of an expert beforehand and make sure that you warm up first so that you can avoid injury.

There are so many activities offered on vacation - from snowboarding to kayaking - and it is great to get involved, but always get safety to debrief first and wear all necessary equipment too.

Heatstroke or dehydration
Dehydration is a big one when traveling as we can often spend long stretches of time in transit or on the beach, without drinking enough water - and with the added complication of increased alcohol in our systems.

On top of this, you may also be traveling somewhere with much hotter weather than you are used to, so it is extremely important that you increase your water intake accordingly and also seek the shade as much as you can to avoid heatstroke.

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