CK EVERYONE edt By Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein introduces a fragrance that is truly for everyone! A bold new fragrance for every generation, and gender that celebrates everyone of us, CK EVERYONE heralds an iconic chapter in the CK ONE story. It’s Authentic, Inclusive, and Liberated.

CK EVERYONE By Calvin Klein

This crisp, citrusy, and woody scent is inspired by the authentic and youthful-minded, who are unconstrained by boundaries, gender norms and definitions, CK EVERYONE bursts with endless possibility.

CK EVERYONE By Calvin Klein edt

Master perfumer and creator of the iconic CK ONE fragrance, Alberto Morillas crafted a gender-neutral fragrance exuding clean freshness using 79% of naturally derived ingredients ignoring the traditional signifiers of gender as reflected in the non-conformity of both the scent and the campaign.

CK Everyone's Campaign

Top notes: organic orange essential oil, ginger
Heart notes: blue tea accord, watery notes
Base notes: cedarwood, patchouli, amber

A tribute to individuality and the freedom of self-expression, the CK EVERYONE campaign is fronted by an inspirational collective of multi-hyphenate models, artists, musicians and creatives who illustrate the many sides of themselves and redefine boundaries to proclaim:

I am one, I am many. I love everyone of me.

AvailabilityCK EVERYONE edt is now available at Sephora and all departmental stores



  1. Pernah ada perfume CK. Nanti nak cuba bau ni di Sephora after #MCO finish. Harga berapa Kelly? Tak bg tau punnnn

  2. CK tidak asing di hati masyarakat Malaysia amnya. Yang pasti peminat CK akan terus mencari produk yang terbaharu dari CK.

  3. Baca aje dah rasa mesti wanginyaa bau dia kanaaa...sebab Sis dulu ada kawan hadiahkan wangian CK, memang gile gile!

  4. wa. dapat satu ni confirm tak tukar minyak wangi setahun. :)

  5. i like citrus and woody type of perfume. can add in my list of collections

  6. Dulu, i ada juga guna pewangi Calvin Klein.. Mungkin boleh dicuba produk wangian terbaru mereka ini.

  7. i love CK. bau yang amat menyegarkan. lagipun i suka bau bau kelakian. hahaha. so CK everyone both male and female boleh guna

  8. Wangi ekk yang ni. Kalau dah boleh keluar nanti nak jugak dapatkan satu CK ni, nak wangi2 sebab lama duduk dekat rumah tak wangi dah badan..hehehe

  9. Pernah pakai juga CK. Antara bau yang sis suka juga. Sis suka bau yang tertinggal bila berjalan dan meyebabkan lelaki menoleh. Hahaha.


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