8 Deck Types and Designs for Your Home in Hartsdale

Hartsdale is a historical village in Westchester County, New York. It is a vibrant community featuring stylish homes and scenic landscapes. The census-designated suburb is a 30-minute drive away from New York City.

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If you live in the area, you may add value to your home by constructing a new deck. According to seasoned deck builders in Hartsdale, NY, building a deck can add several thousands of dollars to the resale value of your abode. A deck can also serve many functions in your home.

Types of Deck Construction
There are several types of decks you can choose from when planning to build one in your home. According to deck builders in Hartsdale, NY, there are many factors to consider when constructing your deck. Among them are its function, your lifestyle, and the size of your property. Here are some designs to choose from:

  • Island or detached deck This type is a stand-alone deck that can be constructed anywhere in your property. However, make sure it is accessible to avoid any inconvenience to your family members or guests. One type of island deck is the Peninsula style, which features a composite or wood decking walkway to connect the deck to your house or another deck.

  • Over-garage or rooftop deck This deck has many benefits, like comfort, privacy, and a better view of your surroundings. You can enjoy the summer breeze while relaxing on your deck. Before constructing this deck, consult a structural engineer first.

  • Outdoor dining deck This deck style serves as an extension of your dining room or kitchen. Among the factors to consider when opting for this deck are the location of your grill, outdoor dining table, and sink. When you plan to use it for entertaining guests, consider whether it can accommodate buffet tables or additional tables and seats.

  • Wraparound deck This type is similar to a porch, although it is slightly elevated. Among its advantages are it increases your living space and enhances air circulation when you leave the access doors open.

  • Swimming pool deck Also called a pool patio, this deck enhances the aesthetics of your swimming pool. You can place backyard furniture like lounge chairs and tables to fully enjoy your pool.

  • Entryway deck This deck is similar to a porch, but is not fully covered. Make sure the design fits your home architecture. You may include built-in planter boxes and benches to enhance the attractiveness of your deck.

  • Multi-Level deck When your property is large or has uneven elevation, a multi-level deck is your best option. Among the benefits of this deck are versatility, more usable space, and added functionality. You can allot separate areas for activities like outdoor cooking and stargazing.

  • Side-yard deck  Turn the unused space in your side yard into a private deck for your relaxation and family bonding time. You may include a hot tub where you can soothe yourself in the privacy of your home.

Tips in Maintaining Your Deck
It is essential to inspect and clean your deck regularly to ensure its longevity. Conduct thorough inspection every year to check for loose boards and protruding nails and repair them accordingly. Also, apply new sealant and paint when you see wear patterns to protect your deck against the harmful effects of nature and continuous use.

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