Practical Promotions: 4 Advertising Ideas Customers Will Love You For

If there's one thing that's universally true in the business world, it's that you need to advertise to attract customers. Even the best products wouldn't sell if nobody knew about them. Unfortunately, this universal truth is at war with the fact that no one likes the feeling that they’re being sold. Advertisements are everywhere and most consumers simply ignore them or actively hunt ways to block them out, which tasks marketers with having to find creative ways to advertise. Luckily, there are ways to market your products or services without being salesy. Here are four ways to advertise to your customers:

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Practical Promotions: 4 Advertising Ideas Customers Will Love You For

Craft Advertisements That Serve A Purpose
Let's be honest, unless they're actively looking to buy a product or service that you offer, consumers aren’t going to care about your fancy radio advertisements or the display ad on the side of their socials. They aren’t addressing a pressing need they have at the moment, so why would those ads attract them? The best strategy you can employ is to make your advertisements work for your customers. 

Take promotional umbrellas, for example. They get you great exposure, especially in places where you couldn't otherwise promote your brand, but they also serve a useful purpose for the recipient by keeping them nice and dry. The best part is, there's no ongoing cost. Once someone has your branded product, as long as it's useful to them, you've got free advertising everywhere they go.

Create Clever Content
Another way to advertise without annoying customers or getting ignored is to utilize content marketing. This strategy works in much the same way as your umbrellas or other promotional items in that you're providing something that adds value to your target demographic's lives. 

The two main ways that you can do this with content are by providing pieces that education or entertain. This strategy works because you're not simply giving them another boring ad, you're producing and providing something that serves a purpose, even if it's just to give them a laugh.

Sponsor Stuff They Care About
Sponsoring is another great way to garner attention and enhance your brand's reputation. Research your target demographic's interests outside of your brand and see how you can support them. Perhaps you align well with a charity or a local sports team? The specifics will depend on your business but by partnering with or sponsoring related initiatives you'll be doing your bit to help others and raising your profile and awareness all at once so everyone wins.

Offer An Ambassador Program
Now, this tip is aimed mostly at promoting products but when correctly implemented, ambassador programs can work for selling services, as well. By offering loyal customers the ability to become part of your team you make them feel valued while also gaining a valuable marketing channel. The best part? All you need to do is offer discounts, freebies or exclusive offers and keen customers will be happy to rep your brand.

In a world where we're constantly bombarded with advertising, it can be hard to find a way to stand out from the crowd and get past consumers' ad blockers. While there are fairly easy ways to get around the coding variety, getting past your target demographic's mental blockers is a bit harder, that's why these strategies work so well since humans are biologically wired to prefer things that benefit them. Try these ideas out and watch your bottom line improve.

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