Top TV Package Deals: BT or Virgin

Now, when it comes to choosing the perfect TV deal, there are a lot of things you are going to have to think about. This is something that plays a massive part in the process of finding the ideal way of getting the entertainment package that best suits you and your family. These days there is so much choice, almost too much choice when it comes to selecting the TV deals you want, and this is why you should try to shop around.

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Top TV Package Deals: BT or Virgin

Make sure you do your research so you can find some excellent deals and packages that are going to play a big part in the process. You are going to need to work on doing as much as possible to find the right TV package deals, and a great way of doing this would be to look at two of the leading providers, and see what they can offer you. 


Both providers offer an extensive range of channels to sate the appetite of entertainment hungry customers. There are so many things that play a part in choosing the channels you do, and this is largely subjective. Both offer a great range of pretty similar options when it comes to finding the best channels to work with. 

However, as this is a comparison, there has to be a winner, and we’re going to give the edge to Virgin because of the fact that they offer access to some Sky channels, such as Sky One and Sky Living. BT is yet to offer its customers access to any Sky channels and this is one of the things that give Virgin the edge here.


Technology is rapidly changing, and TV and broadband suppliers need to have their fingers on the pulse with this. Now, the type of box you receive with BT, YouView or YouView+, depends a lot on the package you choose. 

The advantage with Virgin is that it provides all customers with the same set-top box, regardless of the package they may choose. It also offers some pretty epic storage too, and for these reasons, we are going to give Virgin the edge here.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important things to keep in mind here when making this comparison. You have to understand that you might well encounter issues with your TV, or your boxes, and this means you need to look at what you can do to choose the best one. 

Now, when it comes to customer service, we have to say that Virgin edges it for us here as well. Ofcom revealed that in the second quarter of 2017, BT had the most customer complaints about pay-TV, while Virgin had the second most, so Virgin just edges this one too.

As you might imagine, there are a lot of things that you are going to need to get right, and this is something you need to get right as much as possible. But you have to do as much as possible to make the right choice. Hopefully, this is a helpful comparison that can go a long way towards allowing you to find the perfect TV package deal.

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