Top Electric Pressure Washer Buying Guide

A pressure washer is a lot different from other tools that you use in keeping your environment clean. Unlike other tools which you can comfortably replace, an electric pressure washer is a tool that you can easily get addicted to as it makes cleaning up very stress-free.

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Top Electric Pressure Washer Buying Guide

While it is good to know-how important an electric pressure washer is, you must know what to look out for when buying one. Armed with the knowledge of the factors to consider when buying an electric pressure washer, you can be certain you will always buy the best electric pressure washer each time you need to purchase one.

Below are factors you have to consider when buying an electric pressure washer.


All pressure washers come with two ratings. These ratings are water flow rate and pressure. Gallons per minute (gpm) is the measurement for water flow rate while pounds per square inch (psi) is the measurement for pressure.

The rating of an electric pressure machine is a major factor to consider when purchasing one.

Here is why;
A machine with low ratings differs from a machine with high ratings in specific ways. While machines with low ratings can carry out the tasks that machines with high ratings can, the speed and ease at which they carry out similar tasks is a major difference.

Now that you know that a machine with higher ratings will clean an environment faster than one with lower ratings, you most likely will always want to select a machine with higher ratings over one with lower ratings. While this is perfectly normal, there are times you have no need of selecting a machine with higher ratings over one with lower ratings.

When the difference in psi between two electric pressure washers is not much, you might really not need to choose one with higher pressure over one with lower pressure as the difference in their abilities will not be very pronounced.

Look Out for Hose Type

The type of hose that comes with an electric pressure washer is an important factor to be considered when purchasing an electric pressure washer.

While the average hose that comes with an electric pressure washer is not very easy to handle, some are a lot more flexible than others. If you go through unwanted challenges while setting up a hose, it might not be the best for the job. The best hoses for electric pressure washers are flexible and easily unrolled.

To avoid struggling when making use of an electric pressure washer, you should select a flexible hose over a stiff one.

What can Electric Pressure Washers Do?

An electric pressure washer might seem like the perfect tool for keeping your home and environment clean. But, there are things it cannot do.

While electric pressure washers can be used in removing various types of dirt from concretes, when that dirt is heavily seated, an electric pressure washer might not have the ability to remove them. When looking to remove a heavy stain from concretes, you might want to go for a gas pressure washer instead of an electric pressure washer.

Pressure Type

The different electric pressure washers come with different pressure types. There are those that come with fixed pressure, as well as those that come with pressures that can be altered.

When working with an electric pressure washer that comes with a pressure that can be altered, you will not go through any struggle when washing delicate surfaces. All you need to do is alter the pressure and you will be able to conveniently clean a delicate surface.

If for any reason you are unable to buy an electric pressure washer that comes with variable pressure, you can simply increase the distance between the nozzle and the surface you are cleaning if you have to clean a delicate surface. Furthermore, you can make use of a wider spray pattern.

Select Dial Nozzles

When making use of a pressure washer, there are two types of nozzles you can use. These nozzles are dial-type multi-spray pattern nozzle and individual snap-in quick-change nozzle. The fact that these two types of nozzles bear different names means they are not the same thing. Although the difference in the way they perform is not so pronounced, there is a major difference in how conveniently they can be used. When looking to make use of a convenient nozzle, you will do a lot better with dial nozzles.

Consider Portability

When making use of an electric pressure washer, you will need to move around from time to time as you clean various parts of an environment. For convenient mobility, you should select electron pressure washers that have pneumatic tires over those that do not. This is because pneumatic tires can move easily over gravel and steps.
While pneumatic tires can be moved around easily, you will need to reinflate them occasionally.

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