Why More Homeowners are Using Residential Christmas Decorating Services

Why More Homeowners are Using Residential Christmas Decorating Services

Remember when Christmas decorating was simple, but somehow still magical? Those days are gone. Today, decorating for the holidays is serious business – literally. In big cities like Houston, more families are using Christmas decorating services to create elaborate displays and compete with their neighbors.

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Why More Homeowners are Using Residential Christmas Decorating Services
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The Rising Popularity of Professional Christmas Decorating Services

Remember when decorating for Christmas was simple? After pulling all of the lights and decorations out of the garage, Dad would spend an hour on the ladder hanging those festive lights along the eavestroughs.

Maybe you had a little light-up snowman on the front lawn or a small tree on the front porch. If you wanted to kick things up a notch, you had an animated reindeer that moved its head up and down.

Today, neighborhoods take Christmas decorating very seriously. Neighbors try to outdo each other. Cars line the streets driving through the most elaborate neighborhoods.

Hanging Christmas lights has transformed into this big affair.

Over the last decade, a staggering number of people have started using holiday decorating and light hanging services. While it may seem a bit over-the-top, there are actually many good reasons to consider using these services.

Safety and Convenience

Professional holiday light services offer a safer and more convenient way to decorate your home for the season.

There are two main reasons people hire these services to decorate their homes:

 Safety: There’s no question about it – hanging Christmas lights is dangerous. This is especially true if you live in a two-story home and want lights on both floors and all around the home. Hanging lights, in this case, requires a great deal of time, effort and skill.

• Electrical Concerns: Covering the entire home in lights is a big undertaking. It gets even more complicated if you add Santa and his reindeer to the front lawn. It’s important to make sure that all wiring, electrical and lights are installed properly.

Many holiday light companies like Fivestarpw.com offer complete service, including the design and the lights. They take care of the hanging, and they’ll know how to install the lights properly. If necessary, they will come out to fix the display at no additional charge. Once January rolls around, they come back to your home to take down the lights.

Their services save you – and your dad – from having to climb up onto the roof to hang decorations.

But to ensure that your holiday decorations go as planned, experts recommend doing research before hiring a company. It’s important to make sure that the service provider is fully qualified and properly insured.

Their workers will be up on your roof hanging lights and decorations. The risks of an injury are high even when the appropriate safety measures are taken. In Texas alone, 185,299 workers were injured on the job in a single year, and a large percentage of those injuries were caused by falls.

Check the provider’s insurance by asking them for a certificate. It’s also important to make sure that they have worker’s compensation.

What are the Costs?

Professional light services are convenient, but how much does it cost? That depends on your location and your needs.

According to Angi, costs generally start at $400 and go all the way up to several thousand dollars. The cost will primarily depend on how elaborate you want your display and the size of your home.

If your roof and eaves are more difficult to reach, you can expect to pay about 20% more than the regular installation costs.

Some companies can install permanent Christmas lights, which stay up all year round. The installation can cost $3,500 or more, but the decorations last for years. The only additional expense is changing out the light bulbs every few years.

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