Fresh Groceries & Ready-To-Eat Meal Deliveries by MYGROSER

Fresh Groceries & Ready-To-Eat Meal Deliveries by MYGROSER

What and why do you like about online grocery delivery services? Well there are many reasons I love online grocery shopping and delivery services. I have busy schedule and the only time I have is late at night by then most of the shops are already closed. Recently, I found MYGROSER, that deliver the convenience of ordering the freshest groceries, festive cooked items including roasted turkeys, fresh flowers, (even ice!) and everything else you need. I can order online or on my phone and relax as I now have more time to find the perfect outfit and brightest smile.

Fresh Groceries & Ready-To-Eat Meal Deliveries by MYGROSER

MYGROSER, Malaysia’s online fresh food and grocery store, today announced a broad range of new offerings including its MyFeast service for festive periods; Ready-to-Eat food deliveries; and feature enhancements to make grocery shopping even more convenient, rewarding and hassle-free for consumers. MYGROSER-MyFeastT delivers convenience, value, taste, and freshness. 

(from left to right) Jeff Medina, Michele Mahendra and Stephen P. Francis, co-founders of MYGROSER

For the month of December, MYGROSER is offering us a way to focus their energy on the people and events that matter - and stay away from the frustration of year-end shopping for groceries, specialty items, and cooked Ready-to-Eat meals and food.

MYGROSER Fresh Groceries & Ready-To-Eat Meal Deliveries

MyFeast is the MYGROSER service that provides Ready-to-Eat meals, curated and premium food experiences to discerning consumers who appreciate the value of quality ingredients, cooked well, delivered on time and prepared fresh, always. 

Convenience is emphasized as consumers place orders like they would on any grocery product available on the service, and pay for them through a single secure check out process. Deliveries are scheduled by consumers, or in the case of pre-order items like Roast Turkeys, a concierge service contacts consumers to make arrangements for these items to be delivered when needed.

The MyGroser-MyFeast Christmas and New Year campaign from 11 December 2019 to 31 December 2019

MyGroser is the first such service of its kind to combine this concierge personalisation, range of products, value for Ringgit, ease of functionality, and convenience in Malaysia.

The MyGroser-MyFeast Christmas and New Year campaign from 11 December 2019 to 31 December 2019 includes:
  • MyGroser-MyFeast Christmas and New Year, a collection of more than 250 items available as festive promotions exclusively in December
  • MyGroser-MyFeast Pre-Orders, which features a selection of roasted delicacies like Wagyu Steaks, Turkey, Sausages, Lasagnes
  • MyGroser’s on-going fresh and grocery promotions with discounts of up to 40 percent across a wide range of groceries, fresh items and everyday essentials 
MYGROSER Delivery Van

Rewards on all purchases
Daily delivery (holidays included!) between 9am and 9pm 

MyGroser also announced that it would immediately be allowing consumers to pick, shop and book grocery deliveries up to 30 days in advance from today at no additional costs to them. To further add to the already irresistible service, MyGroser will, for a limited time, offer all orders of RM100 or more, free delivery! This is in addition to cashback of up to 2% on all purchases, the lowest scheduled grocery delivery cost available, and the best grocery experience for Malaysian consumers.

MYGROSER-MyFeast is the latest service that MyGroser is introducing to simplify one of our favourite activities - entertaining people with food. Comprised of seasonal pre-order lists for cooked and fresh food items; and a regular list of offerings available all year round; it is the literal embodiment of MYGROSER and the love of all things food.

The cooked items are sourced from local suppliers who use ethically sourced, pesticide free ingredients and who prepare the dishes on demand. Among the partners for this year’s offerings are specialty brands like Big Boyz Roast, a division of The Food Company, ensuring that all roasts and meat dishes are of the highest quality.

MyFeast - Christmas and New Year Pre-Order items from over 120 curated

MyFeast - Christmas and New Year Pre-Order items from over 120 curated, handpicked selections include:

  • Wagyu and Black Angus steak selections, Meat and Vegetarian Lasagne selections, Sausages and Mash, Potato Gratin, Salmon Cheddar Bakes, Roast Lamb Legs and Whole Turkeys with all the trimmings that are Halal as well
  • Cheeses, truffles, caviar, escargot, mousses, and a wide variety of speciality fresh fruits like Japanese Nikkori Pears
  • A curated selection of trusted wines and alcohol for different tastes and budgets
  • Fruit cakes, cupcakes and other sweets for the season
  • Fresh flowers and bouquets for tables and homes
  • Christmas hampers for various budgets
MyFeast - Christmas and New Year Promotion items from over 130 selections

MyFeast - Christmas and New Year Promotion items from over 130 selections include:
  • Champagnes, wines, soju, whiskeys, beers, ciders, juices, sparkling water, and other beverages fit for a celebration
  • Sauces, condiments, salsa, dips, and mixers for every occasion
  • Frozen and fresh meats for your every culinary desire
  • Baking supplies, biscuits, crackers, butters and more to help snack time be interesting
  • Home decor to add some sparkle to the laughter and joy of the season 

To pre-order for anytime in December 2019, order your groceries for delivery anytime in the next 30 days, or sign up for rewards and more - head on over to Also available on iOS and Android through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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