Joico JoiFULL Hair Goals Fulfilled

Joico JoiFULL Hair Goals Fulfilled

A joiyful week begins! Hair goals checked! For fuller, thicker, bouncier hair with Joico JoiFULL new powerfully transformative trio ~ JoiFull Volumizing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styler for a longlasting, full, lush, manageable strands come to life, minus the crunchy, sticky residue typical of most volumizing products. JoiFull creates the kind of natural-looking, touchable volume that builds confidence as well as fullness.

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Joico JoiFULL Hair Goals Fulfilled

Achieve the full-on thick, bouncy hair with the ease of three completely cohesive steps: Cleanse to build the foundation for fullness; condition for healthy volume and protection; then power up big-time with one game-changing styler.
• Fuller, thicker, bouncier hair
• 24-hour style retention
• Provides long-lasting humidity protection
• Instantly adds shine
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Joico JoiFULL ~ JoiFull Volumizing Shampoo, Conditioner & Styler

JoiFull Volumizing Shampoo, 300ml @ RM78
Llong-lasting fullness with this richly lathering cleanser that gently whisks away oil and dirt known to weigh down fine hair. Leaves strands clean with a sheen—uniquely nourished and ready for extraordinary body with a natural feel. DIRECTIONS: Apply to wet hair. Lather. Rinse well.
• Rich lather gently yet thoroughly cleanses hair
• Adds instant, lightweight body

JoiFull Volumizing Conditioner, 250ml @ RM78
Everything fine hair could want from a conditioner: a formula with powerful detangling ingredients designed to create full, airy, touchable body without weighing hair down. This daily-use conditioner nourishes fi ne strands with a barely-there touch, delivering easy-to-comb glide power and a unique, lightweight feel. DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount to clean, damp hair. Leave in just 1-2 minutes and rinse. Avoid applying to root area if hair is very fine.
• Helps strengthen and nourish hair
• Leaves strands tangle-free

JoiFull Volumizing Styler, 100ml @ RM96 
Dreaming of bigger and better hair? Here’s the hero that swoops in with body, bounce, and brilliant fullness, while saving you from the sticky, crunchy residue of typical volumizers. You’ll experience the unique glide and slip of an airy crème, plus the molding and shaping power of a gelée…all in one game-changing hybrid. Instantly transforms fi ne strands into full, luxurious, natural-looking hair. DIRECTIONS: Apply 1-2 pumps into hands. Work evenly throughout hair and blow-dry to activate fullness and lift with staying power.
• Easily add lasting lift and body without leaving hair stiff and crunchy
• Long-lasting humidity protection
• Protects from thermal damage for up to 450°F

The ingredients in JoiFull elevate hair, delivering an explosion of fullness along with healthy-looking, strong, shiny hair and long-lasting results. Rice Protein, rich in amino acids, helps to strengthen and thicken hair while providing a fuller feel and visible lift to fi ne, limp hair. 

Bamboo Extract, fi brous and rich in silica, helps to build volume while promoting thicker, stronger, shinier strands. Lotus Flower, a prized exotic bloom full of strength-building protein, magnesium, and potassium, helps improve elasticity and gives hair a healthy appearance.

SmartRelease Technology packs our triple-powered, healthy-hair ingredients inside an invisible liposome. This unique delivery system offers continuous release to the hair, protecting it against the recurring damage caused by daily styling and wear.

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